Permanent marker stains are not easy to remove, especially on clothes. It is therefore important that you be careful handling markers near expensive and delicate fabrics. However, should you be unable to prevent it from getting on your clothes, you need not worry too much. Permanent marker stain removal is possible and below are some ways to do it.

First off, what makes up a permanent marker? It is made of toluene and xylene, two volatile pigments that are water-resistant. They are toxic chemicals that originated from petroleum processing. Due to its toxicity, many manufacturers are beginning to change its contents to water and alcohol-based pigments. If the marker that gave your clothes the stain is made of the water-resistant type, you may need to follow some of the steps provided below. The "permanent" in permanent markers must refer only to papers for permanent marker stains is not so permanent once you make use of the various permanent marker stain removal techniques.

Actually, permanent markers will wear out over some time. The color pigment in it does not work like a dye but instead bonds on the material's surface. To get rid of it, you need to dissolve the said chemical bonds that have formed between the stained clothing and the permanent marker. To do this, you may choose any of the following tips.

First method is through bleaching. This is ideal for use only on white clothes. Next technique would be the use of very strong cleaners. These high-strength detergents/cleaners can easily dissolve the mentioned bonds between the molecules of the marker and the fibers of the stained piece of clothing. However, you should first consider the care instructions of the article you are washing and even the detergent itself. Some clothes may not stand the strong detergents and may get discolored or be ruined.

Another possible method, particularly for not so sensitive clothes, is the use of nail-polish remover or acetone and alcohol. You can spot-clean the stain with these conventional chemicals using cotton balls. Just rub it on the stained portion until you remove the stain.

Lastly, you may get the marker stain off by using citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges and lime. They are known to remove tough stains of any kind. For naturally dyed and delicate fabrics like silk and satin however, these fruits may not be advisable as they can result to fading. It is better to just get the services of a professional cleaner if the stain is on an expensive piece of clothing, like a cashmere jumper.