Permanent weight-loss is the goal of everyone who was ever on a diet. Does any diet give you a permanent weight-loss? How can it if so many people are on one diet after another, on and off, for years?



A weight-loss diet is an artificial eating plan that is designed to limit calorie intake. If you take in less calories than your body uses up then your body will convert some of its fat to energy.



Many people follow one fad diet after another from the Cotton Wool Ball diet to the Caveman diet, from the crazy Chewing Diet to This Year's Fad Diet. What most people ignore is the fact that the previous 'Miracle Diet' failed to solve their problems. If the last one failed, and the ten before that; isn't it a fair assumption that the next 'Wonder Diet' will also fail?



Permanent weight-loss cannot be achieved by eating certain berries three times a day, by eating only protein or by cutting carbohydrates out of your diet altogether.



Why is there a need for another 'Miracle-Diet', anyway? Didn't the last one get rid of obesity worldwide?



How can you achieve weight-loss? By modifying your attitude to food, taking more exercise and changing what you eat, permanently.



Why do all these doctors keep coming up with new weight-loss, if they don't work? Mmmm a good question, could it be because they will make thousands of dollars selling their book perhaps?



As soon as you 'Come off a diet' your weight creeps back up and soon you need to go on another one, it was not a permanent weight-loss at all. Maybe the next diet WILL give you a permanent weight-loss.



Most doctors you consult as medical practitioners will tell you the same thing regarding permanent weight-loss. You need to increase your exercise levels and to eat smaller portions of a balanced diet.

This means trouble for the diet products industry because you no longer need them. If you are eating normal food, just less of it, then you will not need, the milk drinks, high protein supplements and expensive low calorie frozen foods.



Why don't people believe their doctors' simple advice on achieving a  weight-loss?

The doctors are telling patients something they do not want to know. Patients want some easier way to lose weight than changing everything they do. They do not want to have to do one hour of exercise every day, neither do they want to accept the need to permanently change their eating habits.



Why DO people believe the diet-product companies?

These companies are telling people something they do want to hear, that miracle pills are available to give a permanent weight-loss. This year's miracle diet pills have been invented to meet the need for losing weight permanently without having to change your lifestyle.

People appear not to care whether the diet pills work or not, as long as they are easy.