The party is going well, everyone is having a good time, the music is on, and the drinks are flowing, but now its time to say goodnight. But can your guests drive home? Should they drive home? It is late, they are tired, and they have been drinking.

This is where a personal breathalyzer, could be the difference between life and death for your guests or loved ones, or for the other people on the road that have to drive with them. Why risk it?

The problem is, after a few drinks, our good judgment is blurred. We think we are OK, we are on top of the world and feeling great. Maybe just a cup of strong black coffee and you will be fine right? WRONG! Now you are just a wide awake drunk. You feel like you could react, but in reality you will not. A personal breathalyzer will not lie to you!

So, as a party host, it is your responsibility to make sure your guests either stay the night, get a cab or have someone else drive them home. This should really all be arranged ahead of time.

But failing that a personal breathalyzer, may be the best investment of your life. You can see for yourself, just how "fine" you are. They are small and portable and not really that much money compared to the cost of an accident, or getting pulled over by the police.

If you end up blowing into the breathalyzer in the back of a police car, you no longer have any choices. You are not going home tonight! You will lose your drivers license, pay huge fines, have your car towed and impounded and you could lose your job if you have to do any driving. It doesn't end there. Many areas will have you install a permanent car style breathalyzer that stops the car from starting unless you blow into it, and if you can even find an insurance company to insure you after that, you will need another job to pay for it!

These can cost thousands to install, never mind the stigma that is attached to them.

So, for the sake of 100 dollars or so, you can make sure that you are "OK" to drive.

Here are a couple of popular style personal breathalyzer:

personal breathalyzer


This is a very accurate mode.

takes deeper breath sample

trusted for employee screening and emergency rooms

certified by the US food and drug

It runs on a 9 volt battery and comes with a car power adapter and carrying case

This one has something they call "flow check technology" which makes it very accurate.

It has an approximate price tag of $139.00

There is another model, which is a bit cheaper but still will give you a good reading

personal breathalyzer (20694)

Backtrack S50

3 digit display

very quick

simple to use

you need to have a good full breath with this model (five second breath)

gives you a response in 4-5 seconds

needs to warm up for about 30 seconds

runs on a 2 AA batteries.

This model runs approximately $59.99

Either one of the above personal breathalyzers are affordable. If you can afford to drive a car, and you drink, then these are affordable! There are many different styles and types on the market. The above are just two examples. But if you want to drive after a drink or you are a host, then it wouldn't hurt to invest in one of these personal breathalyzers.

Of course the best scenario is not to drive at all, even after one drink. No matter what the legal limit is in your town, try and come up with some kind of alternative.

If you are going to a party or relaxing with friends, why stress yourself with figuring out how to get home? Come up with a plan ahead of time. Pool your money with friends and book a hotel room, or camp in their backyard, or pool your money and grab a cab.

Also, just because you stayed overnight does not mean you are off the hook. You may need to use a personal breathalyzer before you leave. If you stayed up until the wee hours drinking, then sleep and get up 5 hours later, you may still be over the limit. Take your time leaving, make sure there has been lots of time between your last drink and you trying to drive home. Use your personal breathalyzer to make sure.

Many hotels are offering discounts to wedding guests now, so they can get a room after the reception, and this has become common place to offer room and theatre packages. Why risk it? You will enjoy your event more, if you have planned your "exit" before you go.

But at least you should have a personal breathalyzer so, you know just how "OK" you really are. Don't drink and drive, it is foolish, dangerous and against the law.