Personal Budget Software that's Easy to Use

Personal Budget Software that's Easy to Use

Things You Will Need

Some need for information about financial budgeting software and easy to use personal finance budgeting software.

Step 1

More and more people are watching their budget and you are not alone in wondering how to find personal budget software that is easy to use. That is especially true if you have tried some of the more popular program. The learning curve on many of these is high. Here are 5 steps to help make finding personal budget software much easier.

Step 2

The first step is to decide just what you want out of personal budget software, besides being easy to use. You should keep in mind there are software packages that will do everything including checking all your bank balances for you, but they will cost more and setup is sometimes anything but easy. In this step, decide whether a simple spreadsheet where you plug in your starting balance and your expected expenses is what you want or do you want one that will check your different bank balances for you online and plot out a financial path?

Step 3

Examine a budget spreadsheet alternative if you want something very simple to use. There are templates available that work in excel, and you can plug in the figures, your starting amounts and it will show you just where you are. Many are available free online but on the downside, they will usually try to sell you something. For pure ease of use, a budget spreadsheet is a good budget software alternative. It lacks most of the bells and whistles of other personal budget software, but you can find free versions easily.

Step 4

Online budget software. Rather than keeping your personal budget software on your home pc you can use one of the online budget software alternatives. They are easy to set up, include step by step direction, and some are free. The free ones make money by offering you lower rate credit cards, home refinancing offers and debt counseling services. On the good side of this alternative, it is very simple to use. On the negative side, advertisements are not always welcome, and some people may feel uncomfortable keeping this sensitive information online at a 3rd party site.

Step 5

Try the big names. If you have not already, then before you go any further you should look on your computer for the personal budget software package that is usually bundled with it. Names like Quicken and MS Money are often available on new pcs as part of the package. Be aware these are usually trials and you may have to pay for the full software packages. However, they usually include step by step instructions in setting up and using the software packages. If you want high performance personal budget software, they may be the option you choose.

Step 6

Online search is an option. Are you still not happy with the personal budget software you have found? Then try an online search using the term personal budget software. You will come up with an amazing number of different programs. However some are very expensive and do not do the job you need them to. Others may well be too complicated to use for most people. If you decide on this option, then try and pick one that gives you a free trial. You can decide if that personal budget software package is for you before you purchase.


Tips & Warnings

Online transactions and record keeping are becoming more common. Before you download any package or use any online personal budget software, update your virus definitions and your spyware scanner. You may even want to use a firewall like Zone Alarm to secure your computer completely.