A human being goes through many stages of development over the course of their life. It starts from the toddler years and carries all through to maturity and into the advanced years. Arguable depending on the development and maturity of a person's brain or the thinking system, it has different stages of achievement.

It is known that during the first 5 years of a babies life, they will learn about 75% of all knowledge he/she will be acquiring in their entire life. The rest of the life is spent on acquiring the other 25%. The earliest years are known as the years for learning and understanding one's immediate surroundings and environment. The sense of touch ,feel, smell and sight stores enormous volumes of data back to the brain and adds every event, subject, object or action to the vocabulary and knowledge.

The following decade proceeding childhood is when most learn the basics of literature, language, science, mathematics, and social studies. This period forms the foundation of basic formative years where a child begins shaping into an adult.

For both these periods coaching and guidance are institutionalized and growth of knowledge traverses a well defined path and process.

It is the next decade that ultimately creates and shapes the adult that he or she is maturing into. It is here that a lot of effort has to go on individually to understand one's one talent , needs and requirements. It is during this period that the human brushes, cleans, clarifies and shapes his career, life and social standing and creates intrinsic value in oneself.