I suffered hair loss after all three of my kids were born.  I asked my doctor, hairstylist and all my friends why and everyone said hormones.  I wasn't given any suggestions on what to do and just changed my hairstyle and suffered through it, at least I had a healthy baby.

About a year ago I was just coming out of a 2 year major life changing crisis and wanted to feel good about myself again.  I went to a new stylist to get a trendy new style and highlights.  She commented on some hair loss that had new baby hairs just over my temples and suggested I take Biotin. 

Upon researching this supplement I realized that I was may have a deficiency - my nails peeled, my hair loss, my hair also broke easily and my skin was dull.  Of course as I stated my life was changing and I was under a lot of stress but I also didn't eat right and had lost a lot of weight (I was a size 8, not overweight, now I'm a size 2).  So I bought NOW Biotin 5000 MCG from Amazon for under $15 for 120 Vcaps and have taken them regularly for the past year.  Here are my thoughts/results:

  • This takes a while to see real results so patience is important.  It was about 3 months before I noticed an overall change.
  • Fingernails have a much nicer than they ever have before and are stronger.
  • Fingernails don't peel as much.
  • My skin is clearer and has a glow to it, this is a nice surprise as I didn't buy product looking for this result.
  • My baby hairs have grown in and have not fallen back out.
  • I straighten my hair with a flat iron and the breakage is minimal compared to before taking Biotin.
  • I notice less hair in the shower on my counter when I'm done in the bathroom.

I don't know if this is a miracle cure or not but I am very happy with Biotin and I will continue to purchase in order to keep my hair, nails and face looking its best.