Personal emergency alert devices are becoming a hotter and hotter commodity right now for senior citizens. These devices, which are also known as personal emergency response system or PERS, are being used by more and more senior citizens who are often times alone in their house.

In addition, these personal emergency alert devices assist the elderly by providing them with immediate medical attention with just the push of a button. These devices not only provide immediate medical attention, these also provide a sense of relief and peace of mind both for the loved ones and the elderly themselves.

Importance and Use of Personal Emergency Alert Devices

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Most people oftentimes overlook the importance of their health and safety primarily because they do not really anticipate any emergency situation arising in their near future. What’s always forgotten is that emergency situations come when they least expect it, and the best defense possible is to be prepared and properly equipped.

The elderly have much different needs as compared to younger people. These are the kinds of needs that aren’t meant to be overlooked and ignored, primarily because of their age and strength. These needs must be immediately attended to way before much worse situations arise. These days, more and more elderly people are staying at home all by themselves, and some of them even have certain illnesses, injuries, disabilities, and they are not just as strong as they used to be to bring themselves to the hospital whenever their condition worsens.


It is important then to invest in providing the elderly with all the help they need even if they live by themselves. These personal emergency alert devices are a breakthrough in giving the needed medical attention and guidance for the elderly, providing them with the sense of freedom to move around within their own home without worrying being too far from the telephone to call 911.

With one simple touch of a button attached to your wrist as bracelets or on your neck as a necklace, help is immediately called and given without the elderly exerting much effort to bring him/her self to the nearest hospital. In addition, living alone is threat to one’s safety, and it’s not really advisable for the elderly to still manage to defend him/her self from a possible assailant.

Immediate Assistance with a Touch of a Button

So how does these personal emergency alert devices work? And how can medical assistance be immediately given with just a touch of a button? These are the most frequently asked questions with regards to how personal emergency alert devices work, and before purchasing one, it is important to fully understand the mechanism behind it, and knowing which one is the right one for the elderly-in-need.

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A personal emergency alert device, or better known as a personal emergency response system, is composed of three major components: a small radio transmitter—a lightweight, battery-operated “help” button can be used as a bracelet, necklace, or belt clip; a console connecting to the user’s telephone line; and an emergency response center that monitors the calls made. In addition, the transmitter button is waterproof and can be worn during showers and in the swimming pool.

Once the lightweight transmitter button, which can be easily worn as an accessory, is pushed, it then sends a signal to the console connected to the telephone line. Through the telephone line, the console automatically dials pre-selected emergency hotline numbers, or most often than not, connect the caller to an emergency response center.

If the caller is able to communicate to the response center, the response center can verify what kind of emergency situation the caller is experiencing at the moment. Each personal emergency response system is programmed specifically for the elderly and in cases wherein the emergency response operator is not able to contact the elderly-in-need, he/she will automatically check the caller’s medical records, and notify the concerned medical professional and/or caregiver with regards to immediately providing help to the elderly-in-need. There are also some instances wherein the operator cannot directly contact the caller nor determine what kind of possible emergency situation the caller is in, and in these cases, the emergency response operator will notify emergency providers or paramedics to go directly to the caller’s residence and check on whatever emergency situation the elderly is in, and provide help as quickly as possible.

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These personal emergency alert devices also provide additional minor components for senior citizens with disabilities such as hearing and vision impairment. They provide a handsets, which are hearing-aid compatible, and oversized and flashing keypads for higher visibility, as well as hands-free capability.

Choosing the Best Personal Emergency Alert Device in the Market

All personal emergency alert devices almost always have the same mechanism and components. More and more brand are coming out with their own versions of these devices, which makes it harder to actually know and choose the right one since they are basically more alike than different from one another.

The first and most crucial aspect is to do an extensive background research. Start with the Internet, check consumer ratings, call a bunch of companies, and ask away. The companies behind these personal emergency alert devices also offer a lot of promos and special deals, so be on the lookout for those. Avoid those who hard sell, because these prove to be more of a fraud than a reliable product. Lastly, seek professional medical advice from caregivers, doctors, nurses, and all those who already are using these personal emergency alert devices.

These devices may prove to be a bit pricier than expected, but the return of your money down would be a thousand fold. There is no better way to spend hard-earned money than by prioritizing your well being and well being of your loved ones.


Prevention is the first step to one’s good health and safety and with these personal emergency alert devices, there is no doubt that any emergency situation that may possibly arise can be easily prevented with just a push of a button.

There is no expensive price in exchange for living a healthy and secured life by using these personal emergency alert devices. Having the assurance and guarantee that you can have perfect peace of mind without ever having to worry about a single emergency situation will make it all worth it.