With the economy in such a squeeze, everyone is looking for a few innovative ways to save more money. I have provided a few tips that will have you pocketing more money every year and saving more money on your bottom line. Read on for creative ways to save more money.

Your primary goal should be to buy more and more assets. Assets are things that put money in your pocket without you doing much work for them. This is is much better than money you have to work for. Think of assets like real estate, starting businesses, and writing books, creating songs, or writing online as a side business. If you invest most of your time in buying or investing in assets that go up in value then you won't have to worry about finding creative ways to save money because you will have money flowing into your pockets every month from sources other than your day job.

Consider signing up for as many online clubs and newletters for different restaurants and businesses as possible. Most business offer their customers special discounts only available to those signed up for the promotions. Many restaurants also offer free meals to people on their birthday. I personally eat for free for the week of my birthday and sometimes throughout the whole month of my birthday just for signing up for restaurant's email clubs or liking their restaurant on Facebook or following them on Twitter.

Cut the premium cable plan and extra HBO channels off your plan and stick to a basic channel guide. Chances are you only watch the basic channels anyways. If you can live without the premium channels then you will save a lot of money on your cable bill.

Switch from an unlimited calling plan to 900 minutes and unlimited texts. Combining all your lines into one plan and using texts as your main means of communication can save you hundreds of dollars a month. Unless you are a person who is always on the phone, then there isn't any reason for you to have unlimited minutes and everything else included. If you can suffice your need to use the internet on your phone then you can save even more money.

Drink a glass of water before you a order at a restaurant. You are likely to order a smaller meal and spend less money because you will be fuller. Consider filling up on the appetizers like bread and soup as well.

All of these tips are sure fire and innovative ways to help you save more money each year and put more money in your pockets. Use these tips to help you save more money and do the things you want to do in life. I challenge YOU to put these tips to use and become happy and satisfied with your life! Good Luck!