Personal Hygiene

Personal grooming is all about good personal hygiene and presentation. Both men and women have personal grooming habits although they vary because of the differences in bodies, however the general goal is good personal hygiene. Personal grooming is done to take care of your body. Not only does it serve a hygienic purpose, but it helps keep the body clean and free of disease. Included in personal grooming is taking care of one's hair, skin, nails, teeth, body odor, and overall cleanliness. An example of personal grooming leading to good personal hygiene with disease prevention is taking care of your teeth and mouth. Part of this personal grooming hygiene process is to brush your teeth. Along with just brushing them for personal hygiene, you want to prevent gingivitis by taking care of your gums, so as part of the personal grooming, good personal hygiene process, you also need to floss your teeth regularly. This personal grooming habit serves many purposes, including fresher breath, which is a good personal hygiene act that most people appreciate.

Washing your hands is part of personal grooming, and it is described as one of the most important acts that people can do to prevent the spread of disease. Men's and women's personal grooming requires that they have personal grooming products, which include items to wash, brush, and shave hair. Usually shaving underarm and leg hair is part of women's personal grooming, whereas men's personal grooming dictates they shave their facial hair. Other personal grooming products are soap for washing the body. For both men and women, it is important that the personal grooming process includes a good wash of the genitals. Women should avoid using soap inside their genitals as it can create a personal hygiene issue by causing infections.

Personal grooming is not the same in every culture. For example, in some countries, it is not normal for a woman to shave her underarms. Also, in many European countries, such as Spain, hair removal is a very important personal grooming act. It is customary to wax, shave, and have hair removed by a laser if it is necessary. Women in Spain focus on their hair and consider it to be important to overall personal hygiene. Cultural differences dictate personal grooming and good personal hygiene norms.

Personal grooming is an individual process. Not every man is going to have a clean shave and not every woman is going to shave her legs. Access to personal grooming products is hugely taken for granted. An easy way to find out how important personal grooming is to the society you are in is to dress up like a stereotyped homeless person. Most people will shun you as they think you are not only making the choice to be there, but they will think you are dirty with a poor personal hygiene appearance*. On a show in the U.S. on ABC called "What Would You Do" they place hidden cameras around and set up human behavior experiments. Then they roll the hidden cameras and capture genuine human behavior in a variety of circumstances, on tape. One of these episodes touched on personal grooming in an indirect way. The experiment had a woman laying in the middle of the sidewalk and a homeless looking man laying on the sidewalk, both appearing unconscious. Almost immediately, people stopped to ask the woman if she was alright, offered to call 911, and helped her. When they taped the man, who was less than perfectly personally groomed, there were over 40 people who passed him. A man, appearing unshaven and in dirty clothes, who looked completely unconscious was totally neglected, not even looked at by many people and scoffed at by others. Finally, one woman stopped, and then she even had a hard time getting others to call 911 for her because she had no cell phone. Ironically, the woman who stopped to give assistance, who showed incredible compassion had experienced lack of shelter in the past. She did not care that the man's personal grooming was not in tip top shape. Personal hygiene and grooming was not as important than the possible death of another human being.

Personal grooming habits, or lack of, can result in people becoming targets. Kids who picked on at school sometimes have a different personal grooming look than the other kids. Anytime a person looks outside of the social norms, which largely includes personal grooming habits or styles, then they may be bullied or attacked by others. The flip side is also true. Those that spend enormous times primping and spending time on their personal hygiene and personal grooming habits can draw lots of attention. When it comes to personal grooming there are definitely gender differences in expectations. However, what is important to remember about personal grooming is that no matter how much or how little personal hygiene or personal grooming is done, the person is a human being. Under all the unkempt appearance of the homeless man in the t.v. show was a reporter, more than that though, he was a person.

Personal grooming is important and feels great, too. Personal grooming products are fun to receive and always great gifts to give because people always need them. Great personal grooming product gifts include soaps, lotions, foot care products, and razors.

Personal Grooming in Animals

Human beings are not the only ones to groom themselves. Animals also have personal grooming habits, such as licking their fur. Cats groom all the time and we groom them by brushing their fur. Monkeys can be seen offering personal grooming to other monkeys as well as grooming themselves. The first thing that happens to a puppy when it is born is that the mother licks it, an immediate personal grooming process. Birds fluff their feathers and also have personal grooming habits. Personal grooming and personal hygiene is not only a human behavior.

*This is only a stereotype of homeless people in order to make a point. In no way does this article reflect the beliefs or perpetuate the idea that homeless people all look the same.