Personal Development

You might be wondering if there is a shortcut for success. Here I am, sharing with you, my personal growth journey tips and hope that it can speed up your personal growth journey and make your life more enjoyable.

What Is Personal Growth

We all want success and happiness of various level in life. Generally speaking, inner success, and outer success. When we feel that we are in control and getting things done, we feel great and fulfilled; when we are not, we feel empty and bored.


There are so many distractions in terms of choices in the material world. For example, if you are looking to buy a computers, when you walk in a computer store and look at the shelve----Toshiba, HP, DELL,LENOVO, LIGHT SCRIPT, TABLET, DUAL CORE, CORE 2 DUO, AMD, INTEL..... so many that we sometimes get overwhelm and the brain shuts down because of the so many choices.

And yet very few choices we feel in our inside world.

Our relationship----if I lose him/her (your significant other) it's the end of the world; Career--this is my only job and I don't know what to do without it; Coffee----I don't feel well, I didn't have my coffee this morning... The insecurity that made us feel uncertain all the time.

The Solution

Would it make lives easier if We can narrow down our choices in out material world and enriches out inner choices? most definitely!

Instant gratification is the most popular killer in years, today especially. 
"I gotta have the newest mp3 player now! I want to eat this cheese cake, its soooooo good! I am on diet but well, just this one time and I will not have any desert this week! Wow, the new gossip magazine is out, I need to have this issue so that I can see what's going on with this superstar's relationship status and yah, she's pregnant.....the new movie is out, gotta see it!"

The key to cultivate a success mindset is simple and easy to do. However, it is easy not to do. First, practice long-term gratification, focus on getting nutrient from positive books we read and positive CDs we listen to; surround ourselves with positive like-minded people. Eat food that tastes less delicious but high in nutrient. Second,  increase your energy level, become a bigger energy. To be successful, we need to have energy to prepare us and get ready for the test----obstacles and frustrations. To have more energy, exercise at lease 30 minutes a day, drink four litres of water and be grateful, along with eating healthy and feeding the mind with positive news.

If you can start today and practice success, create a routine that feeds your mind positive news and your body healthy food, along with the determined mindset to commit to continue never-ending improvement, you are on your way to be the best you can be and more success you can dream of in your health, relationship, career, and business. Start today!