Your personal injury compensation will be dependent on the type of damage or loss you experienced and the accumulative medical, legal and loss of wages amounts. Other factors to determine your compensation will include pain and suffering, punitive damages and psychological issues that will arise from this incident. It would be wise for you to use a specific personal injury calculator to aid in the determination of your settlement.

Engage an attorney to assist you with including costs you maybe overlooking such as court costs, fines and ultimately attorney's fees. It can be very difficult to substantiate the personal injury claim due you because of the many factors involved in determining the longer term effects of the damage or loss. If your attorney specializes in personal injury law then your outcome for a larger settlement in most cases will be viable.

If your damage or loss is of a minor nature then a personal injury attorney may not be necessary. In minor cases you should be able to engage your insurance company and their representative to assist you in determining your personal injury compensation resulting from your claim. You insurance company representative can assist and guide you in the proper process for filing a claim and provide estimates based on similar incidents. Of course part of their purpose is to generate revenue so if you feel the personal injury compensation amount they are suggesting is lower than you are expecting then determine whether engaging a personal injury attorney will be a viable option for your particular claim.

If the incident that has caused your damage or loss of any type resulted from the negligence of another person, then you will need to not only work with your own insurance company but with the person causing the incident insurance company. Personal injury compensation resulting from the negligence of another person could include additional settlement amounts. Of course this will depend on the nature and severity of the incident. If it is severe enough then engaging an attorney to sort through all the issues would benefit your settlement.

Severe incidents can produce longer term medical recoveries, loss of employment or wages, pain and suffering for yourself and your family and could even include psychological and physical rehabilitation services. An experienced attorney with the aid of a personal injury calculator can assess the current and long term consequences of your incident and help plan and promote an appropriate settlement. Sometimes this can involve court appearing and can take weeks or even months to come to an agreement with all parties concerned.

Parties or entities involved in determining personal injury compensation can include not only yourself, your attorney and your insurance company but also if there is another party involved, whether negligent or not, it can include their attorney and insurance company. It could also involve the legal court system and go as far as involving medical and other service providers to substantiate the effects of the incident.

Common incidents requiring personal injury compensation include traffic accidents, accidents at home or work, assault claims, defective product accidents, medical or dental accidents and tripping or falling accidents. Personal injury claims can also stem from work related negligence claims which involve a company not having an appropriate work environment which has led to disease or injury resulting from the work environment. Work environment incidents can range from a minor accident while at the work place to chronic or fatal diseases contracted while in the work place due to toxic or dangers materials. The more severe cases will usually involve longer term medical treatment and compensation from loss of wages and possibly loss of life. An attorney is recommended in these cases in order to fully obtain the monetary compensation due from this tragedy.