Often times when a person is injured they are not at fault and deserve some financial compensation. Injuries can occur anywhere. You may slip and fall at a grocery store or get injured at work. Regardless of where you get inured you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injury if the company was negligent.

Many people have received personal injury compensation. You may be eligible for personal financial injury for a variety of injuries including traffic accidents, workplace accidents, slips and falls at a business, negligent medical care, and defective products.


If you buy a car or boat that is defective and get inured you may be eligible to receive personal injury compensation. You are eligible for many other reasons also including food problems. The recent saga of the contaminated eggs has provided lawyers with many new clients who are setting up the paperwork to sue the egg production companies.

If you are injured by slipping at work you are eligible. Often times when you are inured and it is by negligence then you are eligible to sue for financial compensation.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Yes you will need to hire a good Personal Injury Compensation lawyer that is experienced. Although you will have to pay money for the lawyer you will stand a lot higher chance of prevailing in court as a winner o f a judgment. By using a lawyer you will also be able to receive a higher settlement as the lawyers know how to squeeze the money out of the companies that caused you to get injured by their negligence.

Many times if you have a solid case a law firm will take on your case with no money down. You will not have to pay the lawyers anything until AFTER you have won the Personal Injury Compensation case and receive your money.


The amount you receive can help compensate you for your medical bills as well as the time you missed from work. In some Personal Injury Compensation lawsuits a person is so severely injured that they can no longer return to their job.


Negligence is when you get inured but it was not intentional. If the clerk at the grocery store wets the floor and then leaves the area and forgets to mop up the water and then you come along and slip and inure your back then the grocery store was negligent.

The store did not intentionally try to hurt you but they are still at fault. When a company or individual intentionally hurts you then it is considered Intentional Wrongs.

Intentional Wrongs

If a person punches you then you can still sue for Personal Injury Compensation but it is considered an Intentional Wrong and not negligence. You were intentionally struck by the individual and now you can sue them to receive Personal Injury Compensation.


You need a good lawyer for Personal Injury Compensation lawsuit. Although it will cost a lot of money for a good law firm it is money well spent. If you try to do it on your own the odds of you prevailing are much lower. 1/2 of a huge Personal Injury Compensation settlement is better than 100% of nothing.