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Stay Organized

The Wonder File is the perfect affordable product to help keep yourself organized.

  1. Business people who travel all the time would find this product useful.  Pack the file with all the office supplies you would use and need at the office such as work papers, small laptop, calculator, cell-phone, pencils, pens, rulers and whatever else you normally use at the office.  You pack it up and when it's time to sit down to do work you simply flip it open to have all of your office supplies right at your finger tips.  No need to get searching through you briefcase searching for what you need when you need it.
  2. People who are into scrap-booking or crafts would find this product a huge help.  Stock it up with supplies into each compartment, fold it up to store away and when needed flip the file case open to reach your supplies which of course is all organized and secured within each compartment.
  3. Great for coupon organizing.  Each week when you sit down to cut coupons out of the weekly paper, you can label each compartment to help keep your coupons in order.  When it's time to shop, flip the file open, grab what coupons you want then fold it up to store away.
  4. Last and probably not least the Wonder File helps you keep your bills and important paper work securely organized.  No need to create piles of messes instead place your bills into the file case and each week when it's time to sit down to pay bills you flip it open and all your bills and important papers will be easy to find.

Cons I Find With The Wonder File

You can not over-stuff the Wonder File because then it will not close the way it suppose to close.

Take The First Step To Get Yourself Organized.

In The Long Run You Save Time

Using personal organizers daily does eventually save you a lot of time in the long run.  Instead of letting important papers pile up and need to spend hours organizing yourself, use the Wonder File regularly to prevent chaos later.  The file case is easy to store away on a shelf just like a book so the file case takes up very little space.

Wonder File Organizer

In Closing

I took out my bank statements and bills because of security reasons however; I did want to give a visual to the many uses the Wonder File has. The Wonder File helped me get motivated to get organized and because of its useful purpose I decided to buy another Wonder File in black. Because I took the time to go through messy files and paper work piling up on my shelves, I gained space on my bookshelves and the bookshelves have a lot less clutter.