We all know there is only 24 hours in a day, and yet sometimes we wonder where all those hours really go? We tend to waste time doing things that are non-productive. Time is our best asset we should maximize the most of our time into things that give us a sense of pride and accomplishment. This article will show you how to make the best use of your time using a Paper Personnel Organizer which you can  purchase at an affordable price. 
Paper Organizers
Not all of us have the money to splash out on a Hi-tech Personnel Organizer with all the bells and whistles that go with it. So if you are a little short on cash then there is an affordable way to organize yourself without busting your wallet. Purchasing a simple Personnel Paper Organizer, this may sound a little basic for an organizer, but they do work just as well as a digital one.
What You Get
You can easily tailor your paper Organizer to however you want, be sure that it suites your day to day life. The one thing you need  is solid reliable pen or pencil holder  try and purchase a pen that can be re-filled , buy a few spare pens, you will find that a pen at your local post shop is only 99cents and paper re-fills are even cheaper. Purchase different colors so you can mark important times or dates.   
Having a calender is important as you will need to jot down any dates and times that are  important . You will find a choice of many types of lay-outs you can choose for entries on your calender. But i recommend that you will only need two entries or pages of concern, and they are your day to day pages such as home and maintenance, sorting out personal Bills etc. And monthly entries for important future events, interviews and dates. 
Obviously the size of your paper organizer will depend on the type of life you lead. If you are a person that’s very active and always on the go then a relatively small paper organizer would be best. One that can easily fit to inside pocket of your coat or jacket,  for home use  Personal Desktop Paper Organizers   are a great idea for the Home Office.  Once again the important thing here is that it suites your personal needs.  
Before you go out and purchase your paper Organizer, only buy what you need, you do not need 4 or 5 paper organizers, Just one will , and then you will have all your important information should you ever need it, other wise you may end up putting all your dates, events  and so on , in too many organizers, so just keep it simple.