There are a number of ways that your personal safety  or that of a loved one, can be threatened from an attack by another person(s) to that of an animal. When your safety is at risk it pays to be prepared and ready to defend yourself from harm. Here are some personal safety devices  designed to help keep you safe. 

Personal Safety Devices for Those Who Don't Own, Believe-In or Want to Carry a Handgun or Firearm

Tasers Can Disable a Threat to Your Personal Safety 

Tasers, often (inappropriately in some cases) referred to as stun guns, are personal safety devices designed to offer a means of protection or self defense to the person wielding it. A tazer is a small hand-held device which features 2 wired probes that can be fired at an oncoming attacker. When these probes, which can extend 15 feet, attach to the attacker or their clothing a shock consisting of around 50,000 volts will temporarily incapacitate the attacker and emotion of several more pulsating shocks helps to keep the attacker down giving an opening to escape or get help. 


Tasers, contrary to popular belief, are not classified as lethal weapons and affect only the sensory and motor functions of the bodies nervous system.  This does not mean they can't be lethal, as there are many debates as to the affects of tasers and stun guns on individuals with pacemakers or poor health. However, this does make them a far more appealing and safer weapon to have on hand for personal protection than a handgun or other type of firearm with a much higher and more consistent fatality rate. 


Mini Stun Gun and LED Flashlight Combo

Stun Guns and Batons for Personal Protection

As mentioned above, stun guns are not the same as Tasers. A stun gun or stun baton requires direct contact with an attacker, unlike a taser, but does have similiarities to a taser. Both are hand-held personal safety devices that deliver a shock when they make contact with a potential perpetrator and both can be easily stowed away in a purse or bag. However, there are no nitrogen propelled probes and a victim must therefore be within arms length of an attacker for a stun gun to be effective in a manner other than a deterrent. 


Pepper Spray to Ward Off Attackers 

Pepper Spray Disguised as LipstickPepper spray's (or mace) can be purchased in an assortment of styles, perhaps the most popular being those that are designed to attach directly to a keychain or those that come disguised as lipstick dispensers. These small handheld cannisters of pepper spray or mace - when the triggers (buttons) are pressed - release a stream of OC gas (capsicum spray) that can temporarily blind an assailant. The spray is intended to be directed at an attackers eyes, human or animal, and can assist in briefly debilitating or slowing down an aggressor, giving the potential victim a chance to get away. 

As with any personal safety device, caution is required, accidently depress the spray in the wrong direction and one can find themselves in a painful situation. Pepper sprays are also suspect as being contributing factors in some fatalities which heeds a proceed with caution attitude when choosing this as a weapon for personal safety and defense.


Whistles and Alarms: Personal Safety Devices that Draw Attention

Whistles, air horns, alarms or just about any device that produces an annoyingly loud sound can be used as a means of personal defense. When a victim (potential victim) unleashes an attention attracting sound through the use of one of these contraptions the menace to their safety can be scared off, deterred or perhaps the attention of a passerby can be caught which can help head off a serious and unwanted confrontation. 


Misc. Self Defense Devices 

Often times one can forget how useful everyday things such as a cell phone or keys can assist when ones personal safety is at risk. Cell phones are not only a direct contact to help they can also assist in tracking down a victim and deterring those with criminal intentions in mind. 

Keys, when held properly can become a serious weapon in personal defense. Tucked neatly and securely between the fingers or grasped in the palm of the hand --  keys can act as beefed up brass knuckles with a more penetrating result. 

It pays to be prepared, be on guard and have a means to protect yourself from the unknown that could be lurking in the shadows. 

Safety Tips 

  • Regardless of how safe any of these devices claim to be it is important to ensure they are not accessible to children.  When not needed store in a place that is locked away or out of the reach of children. 
  • Read instructions, handling tips and warnings thoroughly before attempting to use any of the above products. Mishandling or improper use can result in personal injury. Knowledge and understanding of these products can help you to wield the most power.
  • Personal Safety devices can only be used when they are within reach. Keep yours close by at all times when you know they might be needed.