It is very important to have personal goal setting for article writing.

If you rely on your mood for article writing, chances are you will not publish anything for a month. You are likely to feel inspired one minute, and the mind goes blank when you switch on the computer.

The problem with article writing is that there is no boss to tell you what to do.

It is different if you work for a major newspaper as a paid journalist. You have to write even when you do not feel well.

You need to write because the newspaper paid you to write. You write not because of personal goal setting, it is because of business goal setting. Your boss determines the writing goal, and you write.

There is a very famous Chinese science fiction writer, Ni Kuang. He is 70 years old now. He is the best example of what personal goal setting can achieve.

He never ran out of writing ideas in more than 40 years of writing career. His personal goal setting was very simple. He set the goal of writing a certain number of words. Do you know how many words he wanted to write per day?

His daily target was 10,000 words. When he was at his career peak, he could maintain a rate of 20,000 words per day.

Bear in mind that these were Chinese words, not English words.

He published his first story in 1957. In those days, writers did not have the benefits of personal computer to help in writing. They had to write word by word with pens and paper.

Ni Kuang is famous for his science fiction featuring Wisely. He has more than 150 novels featuring Wisely.

He has a total of 300 novels and 400 movie scripts as a result of his diligence.

Many high school teachers warn students not to get addicted to Ni Kuang's science fiction. There were many horror stories of students reading those science fictions to the point of addiction. They could never put down the book until they had reached the end of the story.

As a result, bedtime at 3 am was a common occurrence. Students who read science fiction during school term would not pay attention to their studies.

This shows how popular Ni Kuang is. His novels had, have, and will continue to captivate the readers for generations to come.

What makes his writing career so successful?

It is due to his personal goal setting. He wrote every day for years and years. His writing goal was at least 10,000 words per day.

What about you? If you want to make a living through article writing, personal goal setting is a must.

It is far easier to type 10,000 words in English, than to write in Chinese with pen and paper.

Personal goal setting of 10,000 words per day means 25 articles of 400 words. If you want to match Ni Kuang's rate of writing at his career peak, you would have to write 20,000 words per day for a few years.

That translates into 50 articles of 400 words each.

Are you up to the challenge? I definitely cannot match this.