Using your own images to create bespoke photo gifts means that you can marry together the idiosyncrasy of a handmade gift with the high quality manufacturing techniques usually applied to goods which you purchase from a shop. It’s possible, for example, to create your own photo books which are a match for those usually built around the work of famous photographers.

There are various different reasons why people choose to take advantage of the ability to create luxury photo books. For some, it offers a simple chance to gather together a miscellaneous selection of their favourite photographs, a luxurious alternative to sticking them into an album or putting them away somewhere in a tin. Others take the opportunity to have something printed which is based upon a particular theme. It may be that they wish to celebrate the first year of a new babies life, showcase the holiday of a lifetime or put together a ‘This is Your Life’ style volume on the occasion of a couples golden wedding anniversary. Often, people choose to take the opportunity of printing their own, extra special wedding photo albums. Whilst every wedding will employ a specialist photographer to capture the events of the day, the official photographers tend to stick to a tried and tested formula – posed pictures of the bride and groom and all the other relatives, cutting the cake, the first dance and so on.

Printing your own offers a chance to create something which is a little bit different. Gathering together all of the snapshots that your guests have taken during the course of this special day will enable you to put together a book which captures the more intimate, lighter side of the wedding. Shots of kids sliding on their knees across the polished dance floor, of granny dropping off after one sweet sherry too many or of the youngest bridesmaids huddled together, using the main table as their own special den – all of the special moments which an official volume will miss. Despite the fact that the nature of the images will be different, the book will be produced to a quality every bit as good as those which a professional would provide. The paper will be rich and thick, the printing sharp and clear and the binding of the very best quality, built to look beautiful and last for many years to come.

The process of turning your digital photo prints into a volume of this kind is extremely simple – upload the images to the site in question and then use the software provided to design every facet of the book. It’s been made incredibly simple to plan the layout of each individual page, and absolutely no experience is necessary to design and print a bespoke, luxury volume. Whilst books like this lie at one end of the scale, it’s also possible to use your images to create smaller, cheaper items such as photo coasters – the choice is yours and in both cases the process is incredibly simple.

No matter which of the many available photo gifts you opt for, the quality will be incredibly high, and this will be allied to a distinctly personal input. From fridge magnets to photo books, they will be every bit as professional as anything you could purchase, with the difference being that they’re genuinely all yours. 

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