Personalised Christmas gifts have undoubtedly picked up something of a bad reputation over the years. Despite being touched by the effort involved in knitting a scarf, for example, recipients would probably be disappointed by the quality when compared with the equivalent available to buy. Photo gifts, however, are different. The images provide the personal touch, whereas the materials and build are as good as anything for sale through retail outlets, meaning that a photo book you put together yourself is easily the equal of those produced to showcase the work of the worlds’ leading photographers.

Whenever you’re looking round a Christmas gift shop, or even doing your Christmas shopping online, the key thing that you’re trying to do is match gift with recipient. Sometimes, no matter how well you know a person, this can be difficult, since you’re trying to find something which is not only just right, but which you can be certain they don’t already have, or will be getting from someone else. The idea of a photo gift, such as a framed print, poster or even a novelty item like a t-shirt, can be tempting, but there’s still the question of how to go about making sure you’ve selected exactly the right image.

In one fell swoop, digital photography has solved all of these problems. Christmas photo gifts no longer have to be mass produced and run of the mill, they can be unique, well made, highly desirable items which are a pleasure to give or to receive. The photo gifts available cover all budgets and will be suitable for absolutely anyone, ranging from smaller stocking filler type items such as key rings and fridge magnets, to large luxury items like a bespoke photo book. The key to personalised photo gifts lies in the fact that they are truly unique. The same principle can be applied to personalised Christmas cards, enabling you to send greetings which will stand out a mile amidst all the other Christmas cards with their clichéd shots of holly and reindeers and the like. The fact that you’ve taken the time and trouble to make a card which features, for example, a charming image of much loved children frolicking in the snow, will undermine just how much the person you’re sending it to means to you.

When it comes to making personalised photo gifts the principle is pretty much the same no matter what particular item it is that you’re dealing with. The software has been specifically designed to be completely user friendly, meaning that the hardest part of the process will often be choosing which image or images you wish to make use of. Once you’ve done this, they can be uploaded to the website and you’ll be taken, step by step through exactly what needs to be done to turn them into photo gifts. Each feature of the item in question will be open to adaptation and alteration, underlining the fact that the key to it all is choice, and the promise that, by the time you’ve finished, you’ll have something which is exactly what you want. When you give a gift of this type you’re showing the person you give it to that they matter to you enough for you to go beyond merely spending money or browsing the shelves of a Christmas shop. They matter enough for you to take the time and effort to think about them and what you can do for them.

In the past, photo gifts were seen as a cheap and cheerful option which would perhaps be looked upon as a last minute panic buy. Using your own images to make gifts such as a photo book, on the other hand, couldn’t be further from this.