Making invitations yourself allows you to set the exact theme and style of your party. You should start your craft project a month in advance to make sure you have all the materials you need. This also ensures that you have enough time to properly plan out the invitation and make your idea work. According to entertaining expert Martha Stewart you should send out your birthday invitations three weeks before your party.

Create a collage of the birthday boy or girl for the cover of the invitation. Cut out a head shot. You can decorate the front of the card with magazine clippings of mittens, duck feet, party hats, and a paper dress or body. Glue the accessories around the head shot to form a body shape. Scan and print the picture so all of your friends get the same professional-looking invitation. For a fun invitation, use the same idea with wigs and mustaches to form an interesting collage.

Stamps make inexpensive birthday invitations. You can cut a stamp from an apple. Cut the apple horizontally and take out the seeds. Cut a floral shape into the apple to form the stamp. You can make the card from craft paper and stamp with acrylic paint. This makes a feminine invitation that is great for birthday girls of any age.

The invitation can convey the overall theme of the evening-and can also act as a favor or gift. Cut a spa mask out of felt and layer several different sizes and colors of felt on top of each other and affix with fabric glue. Glue ribbon to each side and tie a paper tag with the party invitation to the end.

You can make an invitation that looks like a purse using scrapbooking elements. Fold the paper to create the top flap of the purse. Cut round edges on each corner. Glue the invitation details inside the folds. Decorate with a ribbon handle, flower cutouts, or paper strips.

Show that your kid's birthday party is going to be spectacular by making the invitations yourself. You may need to convey a lot of information in your invitation, so have several pages. Start out with large circles and join several circles together with a paper brad. Your guests will be able to fan the pages open. One of the circles can mention your child's age and another circle can include the party details. Use one of the pages for a map and decorate the front to look like a ball by gluing strips to the front.

You can make an invitation with supplies you already own. Start out with a plain construction paper card. Use wrapping paper and more construction paper to form a carnival booth. Glue dots made from a paper punch to the top of the booth to look like balls. For a festive look cut crepe paper into a small section of fringe. Glue it to the front of the card and simply write "birthday" or "party" on the card.