How to Make Your Own Checkbook Cover

With all the advances in technology at present, you may think checks are dying out. But this is not so, many people still write and accept checks. As a business, I will accept checks if I trust the source, this way there are no extra processing fees like businesses get hit with when credit cards are used.

There are still many companies that will take checks, so they are not dead yet! But what intrigued me the other day, was when a customer went to pay her bill with a check, she pulled out a very personalized checkbook cover. It was a piece of art she had created herself, and placed in the clear plastic cover that protects her checks.

I thought this was a really cool idea, as my checkbook cover was the basic black flimsy plastic thing the bank was giving out as a "bonus" gift. I thought what a cool concept, to have personalized checkbook covers, definitely a conversation piece.

This customer mentioned that she created these and sold them online and at craft shows, as "usable art". After some trial and error, I figured out a great way to carry my own personalized checkbook covers. This would also work for notebooks and any other item that has a clear plastic cover that you can get into.

Purchase some clear plastic checkbook covers, you can get these at craft stores, or you can also get them online at such places as Amazon, in bulk.StoreSMART - Clear Plastic Checkbook Holders - 10 Pack - RSPC300-10

Purchase heavy paper or what some call "canvas paper". It feels like canvas but is sold in pads and can be folded.

Measure your checkbook cover, laid out flat. Then measure your canvas paper or heavy paper of your choice to be approx 1/8" smaller (so that it will fit into the plastic easier without creasing).

Now figure out where your picture is to be, and lightly outline the rectangle area with fine pencil on your paper. Now you know your area that you can draw, paint or create in.

After you have finished your painting or drawing, you can spray it with a fixative (more so if it is a pencil drawing, but this keeps the painting or drawing from fading). Then using the edge of a ruler, make your folds so that the paper will now fit into the plastic sleeve. Now add your checks and you are done!

You now have a personalized checkbook cover. This would make a brilliant gift idea, especially for any of the older generation that still like to carry their checkbooks with them. This makes an original piece of art and a great gift.

If you want to personalize it, but not with art, then you can get photos and copy them onto thicker paper and insert into the sleeves for your checkbook. You could have your kids, or your pets or anything that makes you feel good.

If you are a craft business, this may be something that would be worth adding to your lineup of crafts this year. You could even take orders for personalized checkbook covers.

It is just nice to be different, and just like we carry purses or wallets to match our personalities, we can do the same with our check books. If you don't carry one at all, you can also get plastic blanks online for credit and debit card holders to protect their magnetic strip on the back.

So, if you are creative, or just want to make something different for gifts, then consider getting blank checkbook covers, you could even insert licensed fabrics in them that match their personality, such as this Checkbook Cover Debit Set Made with Harley Davidson Motorcycle White Fabric, or other such fabrics, if it is for a special gift for someone.