Best Personalized Decals

People personalize decals for many reasons; they can be used in our homes, to show our personalities, decorate kitchens, bedroom walls and windows, body parts of vehicles and equipment. Decals can bear company logos and market products. Decals are rampant during festivities, ceremonies and political campaigns and in any work of life there is always a need for publicity, communication and improvement - that is where the use of decals comes in handy.

Who should use personalized decals?

School bands and choir
Sport teams
Spiritual groups for religious purposes
Charities and institutions to raise funds and awareness.
Companies and business to promote sales
Correctional facilities

Cost of decals

Several factors like materials, color, size and quantity contribute to the cost of decals.
Materials: Upgraded materials are the most expensive followed by chrome polyesters, vinyl and paper.
Colors: The price of decal increases in this order: stock / spot colors - matching colors- three color processes -four color processes
Size: larger decals are more expensive than medium and small stock sizes.
Quantity: It is cheaper to order decals on wholesale. Many stores offer standard price reductions on increments. Custom decals can be purchased from $5 - $15 on eBay and other websites.
To further reduce cost, die cut stickers can be stacked on one sheet if they have the same design, color and quantity.

Decals can be printed on


Types of decals

There are die-cut decals, bumper stickers, window shield decals, stickers (small, medium and large), sports decals and fancy decals. The durability of these decals depends on the thickness of the ink and type of material.

Personalizing decals:

Screen printed products are printed at three hundred dpi and sixty-five line using spot colors and four color process are at three hundred dpi and hundred line. This resolution should be used for clarity check before sending over the files make sure that artwork is least one-eight inch from the edge of the decal.

Most companies prefer that customers use the latest adobe program for system compatibility when e-mailing orders. They also prefer to have more than one sample and after placement of half tones, gradients and screens, customers should allow the company preview before placing orders because the quality may not be the same on sticker as it was seen on computers. .
The four color process is used for pictures and to create multicolor effects. The turnaround time is usually faster and cheaper for spot color process compared to the four color. You can place color choices based on the available stocks or use a color swatch.

Application of decals:

Small decals are easy to apply and can be fixed all at once. Simply peel off the paper backing, lower the decal and rub unto the marked surface, then remove the clear cover.
Precautions: Clean all surfaces to get rid of dirt before applying decals

Try not to use sharp objects to rub decals because the ink and underlying surface can be damaged.
Hold decal in place with masking tapes before application to prevent it from falling off.
Larger decals should be cut in three parts before they are fixed to increase perfection.