Something that has grown in popularity is the last several years is personalization. Jewelry, vehicles, house decorations, pretty much anything you can think of. Being a musician is the musical way to show your personal style. There are hundreds of different kinds of musical instruments. One particular instrument or tool rather that would make a great personalized item is the drum stick. Items that are made of wood are great for personalizing. Since drumsticks are made of wood there are a few different techniques you can use to personalize them. There is painting them, hand carving into the wood, screen printing. Now days with the advances in technology you can laser etch the wood. The laser will leave a perfectly burnt image on the stick. You can have your name, signature, band name or even a short message burnt on to your drumsticks. A great advertising tool for bands are drumsticks. Local band drummers that play every weekend go through a lot of sticks. Local band fans love having keep sakes form a great night watching the band. The also make awesome gifts for drummers . Why not have your name on it so the always remember that night. It would sure put a smile on someone's face. Have a special bag of Happy Birthday sticks would be a great idea. As a keepsake you could toss a drumstick to a person in the crowd that is celebrating a birthday. . And Birthdays aren't the only thing celebrated in the bars. Now a days people have a drink for every occasion. Divorces, kids moving out, getting a new car. It's funny. But it puts a butt in the seat to watch the show.

The process of etching the drumsticks is simple. The laser is the hard worker in this process. Band name and logos are great to put on drumsticks. The printing area on the drumstick is only a little more than a quarter of an inch. So a lot of detail may not look good being lasered that small. But several things do look very good on a drum stick. Some people may think this is silly, but to a drummer it's pretty cool. You could have a pair that you keep with other band memories. Bar goers will love the memories of the night they got a personalized drumstick from the band.