Having customized golf tees for your playing pleasure

Looking for the right personalized golf tees

Personalized golf tees make a great gift, either for yourself or a friend or family member who enjoys playing golf. These tees usually have a name printed on the stem and sometimes a picture on the top part, the part where your ball is placed.

If you are not familiar with golf, the tee is a small but important piece of golfing equipment. It is a small wooden or plastic device that is pushed into the ground, and it has a slightly concave top on which the ball is placed. Golfers use a tee for the first shot on each hole, which is often known as the tee shot.

Although some tees are made of wood, the trend is towards plastic ones, which do not break as easily as the more traditional wooden variety. Most golfers carry plenty of spare tees and will probably break 4 wooden tees during the average round of golf. Of course, it can get expensive replacing these wooden tees constantly, and they can also cause damage to any lawn mowers used on the golf course.

Plastic tees are not only less likely to break, but they are also available in a wide range of bright colors, making them easier to spot if they fly up into the air after the tee shot. Because the plastic tees are stronger, they are a perfect choice for personalizing.

The typical golf tee is perhaps an inch and a half, or two inches long, so it provides enough space to be personalized with a person's name, or a company name. The top section is small - slightly smaller than a dime - but big enough for a logo or similar design.

Regardless of where you play golf, you can use any personalized golf tees that you may have. The only exception might be if you are playing golf at a corporate sponsored event; the sponsors may not want to see any other company name on the tees that are being used. 

Having your golf tees personalized may not improve your game, and you may be the kind of golfer whose tee shot and your tee go anywhere but straight. However, personalized tees can make a round of golf a little bit more enjoyable, and as tees cost about six cents each, they can be a good investment.

Personalized golf tees are also a great promotional device, and certainly make a change from the ususal business card, or personalized pens. They are economical to buy and manufacture, but at the same time can be a fun way to promote your company or organization. They are available in different colors and different sizes.