"Landing" More Online Buyers Than Ever Before

Imagine being able to open an instant channel of two-way communication with a potential customer the moment they receive your next direct mail flyer or promotion. Then imagine that this channel remains open 24/7 and that it instantly captures your customer's responses and informs you of the details of their submission automatically by email. Does this sound too good to be true? Welcome to the world of what are called direct web sites or personalized landing pages.

What is a P-url Page?

P-url pages are part of a web-based marketing approach for B2B and B2C environments that integrates direct mail print campaigns, a web-based consumer response system and a powerful CRM database all in the same secure online environment. P-url stands for personalized URL (universal resource locator) or web site address. It is an individualized web page address that can be printed on direct mail pieces or other marketing collateral. The address leads to a specially designed site where potential customers are greeted by name and invited to enhance or update their contact information and respond to an online questionnaire concerning your company's products or services. This P-url site can also contain flash movies, links to your company site, additional product information and so forth. If you can put it on a web page, you can put it on a P-url page.

How P-urls Work

Integrated print and web-based marketing is possible because of the emergence of variable data printing using digital print technology. Unlike traditional printing where a fixed printing plate is used to make multiple copies of exactly the same information, digital print technology makes it possible to produce thousands of individually customized pieces in a single print run. This means that each recipient of a direct mailing can receive a personalized URL or web page address where they can respond to the promotion. The P-url web response page contains the same content for each respondent with the exception of their personal contact information which can be completed or updated. The system database knows each P-url site visitor and thus can upload their responses into their CRM profile as soon as they click "Submit."

The P-url address is printed on each piece in order to direct the potential customer to their web response page. The page is capable of generating an acknowledgement email to the customer as soon as they submit the online form. This email can contain promotional offers, links to web sites, how to contact sales staff and product information. In addition the online database behind the P-url pages can send a notification email to sales personnel containing the customer's contact information and their responses to the online questionnaire. The system sends this email the moment the customer clicks on the "Submit" button. P-url pages provide a unique opportunity for instant feedback and personal follow-up with direct mail recipients.

A number of firms provide web-to-print direct mail services combined with integrated P-url page capabilities.