One of the most important events in any woman's life is childbirth. The bond that exists between the mother and her child is something that would remain forever. While the memories of caring for her young would remain forever with her, most mothers would mark this sweet and seemingly fast event with a personalized mother and child necklace. While it would be prudent to buy just about anything available, a personalized mother and child necklace, made with handcrafted and personalized charms, would best keep the memories that only a mother and her child would understand and know.

Whether it's for your boy or sweet girl, there are a number of retailers that offer personalized mother and child necklaces, which include your very own charms and engraved names. While it may be cool for you to choose something fashionable and trendy, choosing those that are in sterling silver or gold is your best option. After all, you want a mother and child necklace is something that is truly for keeps.

Your Choices to Name Charms

Most personalized mother and child necklaces come in charms with their engraved names. When you are decided to go for this option, instead of buying something that is matching, it would be best for you to think whether you want a machine stamped or a handcrafted name charm.

Handcrafted or machine stamped. In general, machine stamps would be the best option if you want a number of details included alongside your names, such as your birth dates. Another advantage of having your names machine stamped is your font type and sizes options; the results in both charms are uniform and consistent. But when it comes to exclusivity, nothing could be much better than having an artist craft and inscribe your names to make a personalized mother and child necklace. And, if you have some extra cash, going for handmade mother and child necklaces would give you something that is beyond comparable.

Font type. The next thing that you need to decide on is the font type that you want to inscribe in your necklaces. In general, you have three choices you could choose from: cursive, standard, or a block font. The script font is basically elegant, mirrors handwriting, and very Victorian. If you prefer the traditional and antique charms, a script font would match the elegance of your pendant. And, if you have an artist to do the inscription for you, the result is a special and elegant unique mother and child necklace. A standard script is basically easier to read and could be stylized to become more cursive while the block font is best for monogrammed names.

Shapes of the Charms

Your chosen pendant or charm is basically the highlight of your mother and child necklace. And, you are not limited by your traditional heart-shaped pendant that you often see in heirlooms. There are a lot of charms and pendant shapes that you could choose from. While stars and heart-shaped charms would basically look cute while your son is young, it would certainly not be his chosen accessory during his college ball. Going for traditional shapes like circles and ovals would be something that he could truly keep all throughout his life. A more rustic look would simply look great for both men and women. Carefully choose antique or vintage charms to make sure that you are getting your investment's worth; or, if you are on a tight budget, most charm shops offer a simple "chemical aging" process to mirror the color of antique charms. In this way, your mother and child necklace could achieve that vintage-y look that you and your child would love.