A personalized to box is a great gift for a child of any age. Children love to have items with their names on them. These boxes can be purchase with the name added (for a small fee, of course) or you can personalize the box with the child as a project.

Toy boxes are made of many different materials. Plastic and wood are the two most common materials. If you decide to DIY personalize the toy chest make sure that you get the right type of paint for the project. Bright colored paint and large stencils are all you need. If you choose to buy a plain wooden (or plastic) chest the child can actually decorate the whole thing. The paint can be stripped and the chest redecorated as the child ages and her tastes change.

Personalized toy boxes can be purchased from many online retailers. Choose a toy chest that has a favorite cartoon character or superhero to really thrill the child. Disney, Shrek, or Marvel comic characters are all popular with children.

The price of personalized toy boxes can vary greatly. A simple toy box can be purchased for around 50 dollars and they go up from there. If you're going to spend the money anyway you may as well get a toy storage box that will double as an activity table.

Once you choose the right storage box for your child, it's time to start instructing the child in what a toy chest is for. Picking up their toys will be more fun if they have a special place to keep the toys. The younger the child is the easier it will be to teach the kid to pick up after himself or herself. Once they understand that toys should be placed in the toy box when not in use the parent's life becomes somewhat easier.

Personalized Dog Toy Boxes

Now don't get insulted, I'm not comparing your child to a dog, but dogs have a lot of toys too. It's a little harder to teach a dog to pick up after itself, but if you have the patience you can do it. Giving Fido his own place to keep his toys will not be quite as big a thrill for a dog as a kid but it will help to keep the clutter down.

There are many storage boxes available but personalized dog toy boxes are just too cute to resist. They can be large, shaped like a bone, and covered or can be a simple basket with the dogs name on it. If you are tired of stepping on those squeaky balls in the middle of the night, or the sharp edges of a chew bone you know the advantages of a dog toy box.

Actually, any pet that has toys can have a toy box. Dogs just tend to have more toys than fish or rabbits.

Choosing the right personalized toy box isn't that hard but it can end up being expensive if you don't do a little shopping around. Deciding on a budget ahead of time can ensure that you don't go crazy and spend more than you can afford. If you can't find one that you like and that is within your budget building a toy box isn't that difficult and there are plans available online.