Personalized Valentine's Day gifts are one of the best ways to show your sweetheart how much you love them. This romantic holiday can be made even more special when you present your loved one with a unique gift that has been created for them alone. Gifts that are personalized for the recipient can include anything from the most expensive gold jewelry to those thoughtful, heartwarming gifts you make yourself.

Instead of celebrating Valentine's Day with the usual box of chocolates, roses, and dinner out, why not do something different and much more personalized this year? There are many different products available that can be engraved, etched, or hand-painted with your personal message of love.

Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts for Women

1. Engraved Sweetheart Ring-Just like a wedding band, a sweetheart ring can be engraved with an endearing message. Birthstones can be added to the ring representing different members of the family.

2. Decorative Pillows-Most women love fluffy pillows and getting a pillow that says, "The most beautiful girl in the world lives here", would probably melt her heart.

3. Jewelry Box-A beautiful, velvet-lined jewelry box with her initials on it makes a lovely gift.

4. Charm Bracelets-A charm bracelet is a perfect gift for Valentine's Day. Each charm signifies something about her interests, hobbies, or her occupation. Adding a new charm can even become a tradition every Valentine's Day.

Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

1. Coffee or Beer Mug-Coffee mugs and beer mugs can be ordered with a personal message imprinted on the mug.

2. Engraved I.D. Bracelet-If your guy enjoys wearing jewelry for men, an I.D. bracelet with a romantic engraved message from you to him makes a thoughtful gift.

3. Monogrammed Bath Robe-He will feel like the king of the castle wearing his own monogrammed bath robe.

4. Dresser Valet-An elegant, engraved dresser valet will help him keep all of his important items organized on his dresser.

Budget Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Food-Baking your Valentine a batch of their favorite cookies or that recipe that they love makes a great gift. Food gifts are truly appreciated and are gifts of the heart. Perfect for Valentine's Day.

Photo Album-A beautiful scrapbook or photo album of those favorite memories from the past year make a very romantic gift.

Hand-made Accessories-Making a gift by hand is one of the most special ways to show someone you care. Husbands, your wife would be touched if you made her something by hand. A simple shelf for her knick-knacks, a painting, or even a framed poem about your love for her (that you wrote yourself) would mean so much to her. A man would appreciate the time it took to knit him his own special pair of socks or to make him a warm, manly scarf.

Love Vouchers-Love vouchers are home-made "coupons" that your Valentine can redeem at a later date. These vouchers give your mate a break when they need it the most. Good ideas for vouchers include back massages, a night out on the town, a hog-the-remote day, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, wash-the-dog, wash-the-car, and a free watch-the-kids-without-complaining day.

The perfect gift for Valentine's Day is the one that comes from the heart. Let your sweetheart see how much you care by giving them a thoughtful, heartfelt, personalized gift this Valentine's Day.