Personalized wine bottle labels - The perfect gift for any occasion

Today's wine industry has expanded to include small farm wineries. The entrepreneurial spirit of these smaller companies has created not only competition to traditional wineries, an entire industry of personalized wine products and unique wine gifts has sprung up and sparked the marketplace. As a result, the personalized branding of the wine you give has become as important and ritualistic as the quality of the wine.

Historically, the label on a bottle of wine is not only a source of legal or regional information about the wine itself, the label is a noted source of pride and heritage for the winemaker.

There are basically three types of traditional wine bottle labels. Labeling with certain information is required of the winery by regulatory agencies. These labels can set the style and tone of the personalized label you add to your chosen bottle of wine:

Terroir-based ( Terroir - Tear-WAH): Terroir is a French word that roughly translates to "soil" and describes all the influences on the flavors and aromas in the wine that come from what climate the vines are grown in to the soil type and slope of the terrain and environment. Terroir-based labels are the oldest type of wine label, often seen in more traditional wineries. Varietal-based labels are the easiest to understand. They provide all the information you need for purchasing specific tasting wines. Primarily born out of the 'Americanization' of wine craft. Fantasy labels were born out of the frustration of modern wineries against the regulatory agencies dictating blends, vinification techniques and ageing processes.

Bringing or gifting a bottle of wine is historically an expression of wishing or bringing joy and prosperity with you. This traditional gifting extends your good wishes to the celebration or people involved. By marking a notable occasion with a personalized wine you have also tied all the historical and traditional symbolism of the wine label to the life of your gift's recipient. Adding a personalized label that carries a unique name has the ability to be carried throughout an entire line of wine products. In addition to creating a personalized label, you may wish to consider adding personalized wine glasses or wine charms to your gift giving or corporate marketing program.

Shopping and designing personalized wine labels
Shopping for and purchasing personalized wine labels and gifts can easily be done on the web. Pricing for personalized labels runs in range from under $.50 cents per label for standard templates to upwards of $20 per label with your own art submissions. Finding the right site for your needs and tastes is as easy as a simple internet search using the keywords of 'personalized wine gifts'. Specialty sites from comedy and satire, to the individual world of the home winemaker bottling their own brand are also available. The personalized label creation process on most of these sites can be done with ease.

Standard templates are available that take you to what type of label you desire. Holiday, promotional or family occasion are just a few of your choices. From there, selection of layout, color palette, label size and text are step-by-step processes.

Numerous wine label software programs are also available. If personalized wine products become an integral part of your corporate marketing program or a favorite personal gift, you may wish to consider a minimal investment and owning the software yourself. Pricing ranges from free by using shareware to around $300.

When creating your wine label, consider the label style of the winery itself. You may wish to simply add an additional label, personalized with your message. Many wine labels are beautiful works of art and often considered collector's items.

Business and marketing promotion
For corporate and business purposes, the gift of personalized wine speaks volumes to your clients and team members. Expressing your best wishes and thanks for their support on a personalized label carrying your corporate brand is a strong marketing and promotion tool for your own company. Case lot buying discounts are offered by most personalized wine gift and label companies. Dependant on the level of message you wish to convey, popular corporate wine gifts range from gifting rare vintage wine to purchasing an entire case of a client's known favorite. Customized, personalized wine gift baskets are a plethora of marketing and gift giving possibilities.

From the discerning wine connoisseur receiving a rare bottle that has been personalized with their own label to your expression of good wishes; marketers know that the gift of a personalized label wine provides exactly the right touch."