Adding a Personal Style to Your Home

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Having innovative, stylish but no-nonsense interior decor requires some careful thinking and research.  You need not attend interior decorating schools to find your style.  Interior design ideas from home and garden magazines are great take off points.

Create a stylish impression by leaving some reading resources such as Architectural Digest and travel magazines arranged on the coffee table. Books featuring musicians or history are also good to have around.

Evidently, someone who's a jet-setter, will have interiors decorated with pieces brought home from the far-flung places visited. If you imagine your home being featured for a TV program or a magazine. You would love showing a hint of your personality, and display glimpses of your stylish brilliance. Your home ought to suggest your interests,hobbies, wide range of learning (books should be more than merely decorative) and taste.

Above all, your home  should reveal  an eye for color. Seek to make your home as unique as your personality, workable and stylish enough for a magazine, yet as comfortable as a favorite pair of slippers.

Demostrate that you have good taste, good feng shui, and good house-warming soirees. Choose a color or a theme and spread it throughout the house; this need not be rigid, but should reveal your personal style. Allow the personality of the building to have a voice in the decor. Mix historical with new, antiques with junk, but most of all keep it original.

Ideally decorate ahead of your moving in schedule, but at the very least, determine the positions and details before you experience the moving-day chaos. Decide what will be the highlight of the room, and enhance it. Mirrors  expand the look of the room, dark colors on the ceiling sink them down.

Frame pictures and decide where the TV the  lazy boy and the bed go, and fit the rest around these.

Add a grandfather clock if you can afford it; the tick-tock sounds similar to a heart beat, and as soon as you get used to it, it will stop irritating you and it will add calmness to your home. Alternatively, take up the piano, or an instrument, but that is neighbors and space permitting.

Moving home is the time to be strict and also have an annual spring clean activity. Get rid of old clutter. But do not forget you are not a machine, nor should you live in a  sterilized environment. A soft chair you can curl up on is important. Your home should be inviting, but not too inviting: visitors  who won't leave can be wearying on a host or hostess. The balance you are aiming for is: 10 per cent ambiance; 10 per cent character; 20 per cent coziness and 50 per cent elegance.
Make your place uncluttered, yet comfortable; you can appreciate display homes, but you must never live in such.

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