As people get older, their perspective usually changes.

In life, you have to take chances. We have learned that it doesn't matter what you accomplish in life, if you are not happy and content with yourself, you have accomplished nothing.

You would have learned that by remaining true to yourself and being genuine that you can move mountains and truly turn things in a wonderful new beginning. Life is all about learning and growing but it is also about living, with whatever circumstances you are given and making the most of it and looking back and having no regrets.

As people get older, their perspective usually changes, allowing them to see a much broader view of circumstances than they could previously. As we get older, we are much more in tune with the global situations than some, not all, younger people.

We have learned the far reaching consequences of bad choices and selfish mistakes, and that some can be sent forward into the next generation if we are not careful.

The older people who are honest about themselves and the life they have lived, should have much more compassion on the young people of the next generation and the struggles they face each day that are so much different than ours.

Almost all popular media is driven to do two things, first to create a feeling that we are being held out on because we do not have the newest thing on the market, and also to keep as much of the population in fear as possible. And many of those interests that promote fear, like global warming, are actually enormous cash cows.

We turn much more interested in the truth of how people who are blessed with positions of authority exercise the same.

As how diverse the world is, perspective on people’s motives has changed. People do bad things knowing that they are doing bad things. Not all people always acted with the best of intentions, although they may have had bad results. Now we should know that people do bad things knowing that they are negatively impacting people for their own personal gain. This was a hard lesson for us to learn.

Our perspective on the weather has changed. It used to be that a sunny day really made a difference and I enjoyed summer and dreaded winter. Evidently and currently, the weather is completely irrelevant. There is nothing you can do about it, first of all. The only reason to consider it at all is in terms of how to dress. The media have made weather into an event and of course, you can't trust the media when it comes to an event. The more you watch the weather reports on TV, the less we know about the weather and the more mis-information. We are likely to receive. Chances are that if it's December, I will very likely need to wear a winter coat. Chances are if it's July, I will likely be able to get by without a sweater. Weather forecasters rarely are any more accurate than that and therefore the entire idea of caring about or listening to someone who claims to know about weather is an absurd waste of time.