pick up artistToday I would like to give a few pointers on how you can become more influential in your life. You may not see yourself as being influential, but everyone on some level influences the people around them. If you make it a goal, you can learn to become more influential and in the process enrich your life and the lives of others.

The power to connect and influence others is by far one of the most important skills you could ever possess. If you are ever to succeed in business and more importantly in life you need to have the ability to gently persuade others to your message, idea, point of view, etc.

Networking effectively in business is essential and is the essence of doing business, so persuasion plays a huge roll in your success. So whether you are trying to generate more business or looking for a new romantic relationship, persuasion is a skill you can improve no matter what your current people skills may be.

Persuasion 101

Persuasion for the most part occurs on many subtle levels and often times outweighs the verbal medium. It was not my goal to write an in depth article on persuasion, but to simply remind you of things you can easily do today, to raise your influence.

Next time you are at a bar, party, business event, keep these few tips in mind, as they can easily increase your chances for a meaningful connection. These tips are rather obvious, but if you are constantly and consciously aware of them, you will learn to master them and in time can actually change your life. Your improved people skills will open up a world of new connections and relationships.

Synchronizing Communication Tips You Can Use To Increase Your Influence

• Tip #1 Tilting and nodding your head: This one is great when you are in public and noisy environments. When done properly, this tells the person that you are paying attention, and that you care what they are talking about. A slow and deliberate nod or tilt also shows a certain patience. If you are nodding your head in a fast sporadic manner, it may tell the person that you want them to hurry up and finish speaking.

•Tip #2 Facial Expressions: Always be aware of your facial expressions, as the face draws the most attention. Open friendly facial expressions can show agreement and understanding, a relaxed smile is great. Closed constricted facial expressions show confusion and frustration, and no expression can have a very dulling effect. Just be aware of the topic that you are discussing and see if the facial expressions are conducive to the conversation.

• Tip #3 Breathing: This one takes a little more awareness and you need to make it part of your observational skills. You simply need to pay attention to the rhythm of someones breathing. Next time you are conversing with someone, try and synchronize with their breathing. This has the unconscious effect of making the other person feel like you are on the same wavelength and feel a deeper connection.

•Tip #4 Tone: Learn to listen without being resistant, be really attentive, bring your whole being in the act of listening. If you really learn to listen and not just simply hear someone talk you can feel the emotions of the other person. You can use this information so that you can emit the same tonality to have a better conversation.

• Tip #5 Volume: Is the person loud or quiet? Adjust your volume so that it matches the person, this may also let the other person know they are being loud, most of the time people who speak loudly do not even realize it. But if you're talking to a crazy person, you may need to just run away.

• Tip #6 Speed: Does the person speak slow or fast? Someone who is a slow talker will feel uncomfortable speaking with a fast talker.

• Tip #7 Words and Language: Pay attention to the type of words or slang the person is comfortable with. Knowing this can be very powerful in getting some to feel at ease with you. Also speaking to someone in their native tongue goes a long way in winning someone over as a friend.

Important Things to keep in mind during a conversation:

  • Look at the speaker

  • Focus on understanding

  • Sum up at major intervals

  • Ask questions for clarity

  • Suspend your judgment

The Art of Persuasion and Becoming More Influential With People

You need to learn to be constantly observing your inner world and be aware of your internal dialogue. Learn to be a passive observer so that you don't judge people, and always have a healthy socially friendly internal dialogue.

If you have a healthy state of mind, you will display an attitude that others will perceive as being charismatic.

  • Don't make assumptions, because they are almost always wrong and can lead to huge miss understandings.
  • Don't take anything personal, be free of criticism: Understand that when someone criticizes you, they are only attacking your self image, which is not who you really are.
  • Be free of fear: Fear will paralyze you, but don't run away from fear, this will only increase it. If you learn to be with it and not run away, you can learn to go beyond it.
  • Be impeccable with your word: Say what you mean and mean what you say, enough said.
  • Give total attention to someone: The best way is with your eyes. Be careful not to look around, or you will think of ways to end the conversation. If you know how to look the eyes can tell you a lot about a person.

Well there you have it, I hope you enjoyed these brief tips and that they help you in becoming more influential. Remember to just have fun and get out there and meet some new people.