If you need ideas for some great persuasive speech topics then look no further. Whether you need to state a compelling argument for your school or university, or just want to do it for fun, you are sure to find something that you will have the confidence to talk about in front of an audience.

Best persuasive speech topics


Why should we recycle?

How we can reduce global pollution.


Religious segregated schools are a bad idea.

School uniforms should be banned.

Animals should have the same rights as humans.

The legal driving age limit should be lowered.

An animal license should be introduced for people who want to have pets.

Employers should be banned from using IQ tests during their job application process.

Prostitution should be legalized.

Parents should be punished for having overweight children.

The death penalty should be re-enforced in the UK.

America should have the same laws in every state.

People under the age of 18 should be banned from wearing makeup.

Smoking should be banned.


Violent computer games encourage aggressive behavior in children.

Games consoles contribute to the rate of obese children in the USA.

Social networking sites are affecting the social interaction of young people.


Diet pills will only help you lose weight short term

Laughter can help cure sick people.


The use of airbrushed photos in magazines should be banned.

Size zero models should be banned from fashion runways.

Persuasive speech outline

Your speech will need to include an introduction, a middle and a great conclusion. Start your speech with an introduction about your topic. Make it interesting by throwing in a few statistics or quotes from reliable sources to engage your audience. You could also start by asking your audience a question. This will get them thinking and make them want to hear more from you.

At this point after having told your introduction you need to start persuading them to agree with your views. Your speech will be biased so include many facts, statistics and quotes from reliable sources that support your views. If your speech has a medical topic for example you could look for a quote from a Doctor or scientist to give your speech more credibility. Its also a great idea to mention what the negative future impact would be if nothing is done to make changes. The fear of loss is a powerful human emotion and if you include this in your presentation if would be very persuasive.

End your speech by leaving the audience with something to think about. Again you could ask a rhetorical question or tell a lighthearted joke related to your topic.

Using the above guidance for a speech topic I have come up with some examples for engaging opening sentences to help you develop ideas for your own:

What kind of world are we leaving in? - (this will get the attention of your audience and give them something to think about).

Professor Smith from Oxford university said that all the experts have it wrong- (if one expert is challenging the views of all others this will definitely arouse the curiosity of audience members).

If we don't do something soon everyone will lose out in the long run - (The fear of loss is very powerful).

They said this would happen - (creates curiosity).

I hope by now you are feeling confident enough to write a speech that will wow your audience. The best persuasive speech topics are the ones that everyone can relate to so remember to support each statement by providing statistics and research facts to make sure its a winner.