Whether you are making an idyllic sea change and moving to Perth or have already discovered the natural beauty of Australia's western capital and are just moving suburbs, it is important to compare Perth removalists companies on not only price but by the following features:

Choosing Between A Local Perth Removalist Company vs. A National Removalist Chain

If you are moving a significant distance to either locate to or from Perth, your only real option is to use a large nationwide removalist chain such as Allied Pickford or Grace Removalists. Things get more complicated when moving houses within the Greater Perth area itself. Local companies should always have better knowledge of the area and more transportation options from utes and mini-vans through to large scale removalists trucks, but being smaller businesses they do not tend to have dedicated sales teams and quality Internet sites which makes it harder to ask and receive quotes or information, sophisticated tracking systems and after delivery service. Even if you go through a national chain it is almost certain that this company will outsource your job to a local Perth company anyway, so it is often beneficial financially to deal directly with local companies. It is best to receive a quote from both a national chain and a local company to compare prices and inclusions.

Self Packing Vs. Leaving It To The Experts

One of the toughest decisions to make when accessing different Perth removalists is deciding whether to pay for the moving company to pack all your belongings for you or to save the money and do it yourself. The experts can be amazingly quick at packing all of your things as a virtual army descends on your property but the disadvantage, other than the price, is often they don't give your delicate belongs the care and attention that you yourself may give. Most moving companies will bring you packing items such as portable robes and packing boxes weeks before your pick-up date. This can be an important advantage as it allows people time to go through all of the processions and cull those things that they no longer need, instead of taking clutter into their new house.


The most important factor when choosing a removalist company in Perth is cost. The second most important factor should be insurance coverage. Movers aren't known as the gentlest creatures on Earth and you need to know you valuables are covered in case of the worst. Be especially vigilant in this area if you pack your belongings yourself as you may not be covered under the companies general insurance policy. Ensure that your belongings are covered during transit and any storage and find out what their policy is on new-for-old and one off or sentiment items.

Specialised Equipment or Difficult To Reach Properties

With houses becoming increasing full of specialised technology such as LCD and plasma TV's, entertainment systems and computer equipment, ensure your chosen vendor has the appropriate protective casings to keep your expensive equipment safe. In particular, flat screen televisions and computer monitors need to stay upright so it is important to check that your Perth removalist company can meet these requirements. If you have a piano or other large items that do not break down for easy transportation ensure beforehand that your chosen vendor has the equipment and manpower to safely remove these items from your current house and can safely transport them to your new destination. Similarly, Perth has many narrow and access limited streets. It is always wise to inform your removalists about any access issues, be they on the street or to the property itself, before finalising the quote.

Additional Considerations for Interstate Moves Using Perth Removalists

Backload or Backhaul vs Exclusive Removalist Vehicle

Removalists companies strongly prefer to send full shipping containers or trucks from one destination to another, especially if the trip is of considerable distance or interstate. This makes sense from a financial view point, as the fixed costs of the moving truck, petrol and labour are essentially the same whether the truck is full or only at 60% capacity. To help ensure that each load is as full as possible, most removalists companies offer backload or backhaul services where vacant room on upcoming booked trucks is offered at a significant discount. The removalist company should have already made the trip profitable for themselves with the initial order, so any additional custom that they can have filling the available space is largely profit.

The downside of using a backload or backhaul service is you are at the mercy of the timeframes of the person who has the main order on the truck or container you are leveraging. If they have requested their belongings to not arrive in Perth until the 3rd week of January and you need yours by the 2nd week, as they are paying full price their needs will be met and you will either have to pay full price for your own delivery, seek a different removalists or live without your furniture for that additional week. Backloads and backhauls are also only effective if you have a small to medium amount of items to move. If your load takes up 90% of the truck, it is unlikely that you are going to find a backload where the original order only takes up 10% of the truck and you will be forced to pay full price.

Storage Before Delivery

When undertaking an interstate or long distance move, the mechanics may mean that the furniture and belongings may arrive in Perth days or even weeks before you do. It's important to investigate where and how your belongings will be stored during this period.

  • Will they be left on the truck or storage facilities or will they be moved to dedicated storage sites?
  • Are these facilities operated by the removalist company or are they being stored by an outside provider?
  • Are these facilities water proof and secure and meet any special requirements your belongings may need? (EG. climate or humidity controlled environments)
  • In case of loss or damage, who is responsible to fix or replace broken items? The last thing you need when moving is the stress of a blame game between your removalist company and a third party storage provider.


The moving of pets are generally excluded from most general purpose removalists firms, but check the fine print or FAQ's to find if other common household items that your removalist may refuse to transport. Pot plants and household chemicals, (even common kitchen cleaning type agents) are often explicitly mentioned as items that can't be transported. Be informed and if in doubt, ask.


Moving house is one of life's most stressful events and every family and every move is going to be a little different. By following the advice above you should be able to find the perfect Perth removalist to have you in your new home for the best price with the least amount of fuss.