You might not think of Peru when you think of surfing. But if you are a fan of riding exciting waves, you should consider the kind of holiday Peru might have to offer you. With more than eighteen thousand miles of coastline, there are plenty of places to test your surfing skills.

Head for Cabo Blanco on the northern coast of Peru to take advantage of some of the best waves. The water is warm here and you can easily surf all day long year around. You'll find lots of tourists as well as locals in these waters, and at the end of the day, many of them like to take advantage of the nightlife the area has to offer. You'll have a great time at Cabo Blanco.

Mancora is another northern town that is known for fantastic surfing conditions. The turquoise waters roll toward shore with energy from the cold Humboldt Current and the warm Nino Current. With plenty of resorts, restaurants, and nightclubs, Mancora will keep you rolling off shore and on. Thousands of people visit this beach area every year, and yet it never seems crowded. Come to Mancora and enjoy the holiday Peru has in store for you.

For well formed and fast waves, head for Chicama. Many of the locals claim to have ridden waves for over two kilometers here without a break. Of course, those great waves don't run all year long. For the best waves in this area, visit during the winter. That's when big Pacific storms send energy surging into the waters off the coast of Peru. Expect to meet quite a few other surfers, too, as word about Chicama surfing action spreads.

With some of the longest and most consistent waves on Earth and water at a comfortable temperature, Peru holiday definitely offers excellent surfing opportunities. On your next surfing holiday Peru is the place you should visit.