Peru has to be one of the most interesting countries to visit on your holidays and vacations. Peru is a beautiful country that is filled with countless landscapes a it is one of the places on Earth with the most varied climates and ecosystems. That's perhaps one of the reasons it stays on the top of the list of places to enjoy adventure sports.

Peru is a country which is also rich in history; many cultures have populated the land of what now is Peru, including cultures Chimu, Wari, Paracas, Mochica, Chavin, Tiahunaco, Chachapoyas, and of course the great Inca Empire, which crumbled when the Spanish men arrived in South America.

And of course, we cannot forget to mention that Peru now is home of one of the modern 7 Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu! And you can enjoy all the surprises of this country thanks to the available Peru vacation packages!

Different Packages to Enjoy Your Peru Vacations

These days you can find a great variety of Peru vacation packages, and they are mainly differentiated by the type of vacation you want to enjoy. For example, nowadays there are even Culinary vacation packages that take you to the best restaurants in some of the cities of Peru. And well, I have to say that Peru has perhaps the most delicious food in the World with creations such as the cebiche, the "aji de gallina", the popular "pollo a la brasa", and even a mixture of Peruvian and Chinese food called "chifa".

If this will be your first visit to Peru, you will likely want to visit Machu Pichu, located in Cusco. It is the most popular attraction in the country and a place full of mystery and mysticism. For this you will want to choose a package that first goes to Lima and then to Cusco. But Machu Picchu is in reality one of the many attraction in the country! Across all the land you'll encounter breathtaking scenery, old Spanish buildings, museums of history, and many festivities with dances such as The Diablada in which people are dressed as Andean devils.

Peru, a Land of Mysteries

If you like mysteries, then you shouldn't miss the Nazca Lines. These lines were made by the ancient culture in Nazca and when walking among them you can't notice what they are. Thanks to a plane trip you'll see that these strange markings in the ground are actually huge drawings! There are many theories saying that this could have been elaborated with the help of aliens!

The packages that include trips to these interesting locations are also widely available, but in the case of Nasca you'll need to first travel to Ica and check for plane charters that fliy over the area on a small plane.

Peru Vacations are Unforgettable

I have traveled to Peru and it was a unique experience in my life. Sure I love Disneyworld and the Chinese Theatre but this is another level. I really recommend everyone to go to Peru and just let it go to be marveled by its surprises. I'm sure several trips are needed to fully explore the country.