Think you have a skin tag? Well, if you have a fragment of skin that is hanging from surrounding skin then you may. A skin tag looks a lot like a mole and is typically skin colored to blend in. It is unsightly and is most likely found in the armpits, around the neck and on the eyelids. The good news is a skin tag is usually benign in nature but they sure don't look nice, do they? Those pesky skin tags can be embaressing especially if they are on your face.

They usually don't typically become anything serious though. However, if they are in an area that is normally covered up by clothes, they may get a little irritated and make removing the skin pieces a little more delicate and harder to achieve.

Skin tags can happen to anyone but they typically start to show up as we age (hence, why you may see grandma's with skin tags around their eyes). They also are more likely to occur if you are pregnant. This is mainly due to hormonal changes.

The good news is that there are ways to remove a skin tag quickly. If the skin tag isn't on your face, you have a wide range of unorthodox methods to removing them.

  1. You could cut them off with scissors or a knife- Make sure you have some peroxide or alcohol and that whatever you are using to cut the skin tag is sanitized and sterilized.
  2. You can strangle them- Dermotologists use this method frequently. Basically, you tie a string around the skin tag thus cutting the oxygen needed for cell growth. The skin tag will turn black, die and fall off.
  3. You can also irritate the skin tag- In some cases, you can actually remove a skin tag simply by placing a band-aid or duct tape on it. What happens is your body's immune system kicks in and attacks the place that is irritated. Since the skin tag happens to be in the area, your immune system may "kill" the skin tag.
Of course, if the skin tag is on your face, you have to resort to other options and have a doctor treat it. This is simple and painless although you may be a little sore in the place that the skin piece was removed the next day. There are three common ways that a doctor will treat a skin tag....
  1. Cryotherapy- In this case, the doctor will freeze the skin tag off.
  2. Electro-therapy- This procedure is done with a tiny tool that sends an electrical charge into the cell walls of the skin tag thus killing further growth. The skin tag will fall off and die.
  3. Surgical removal- This process is the same as the do it yourself method of cutting it off. The only difference is that the procedure is done by a professional and costs a couple hundred bucks.
Those pesky skin tags really are bothersome. But the good news is that they aren't the beginning of something serious like cancer although they aren't that aesthetically pleasing. Removing a skin tag isn't hard and can be done from the comfort of your home.

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