There are many great reasons why you should invest in a mini greenhouse, though chief among them is the fact that they provide our precious plants with the ideal environment in which to grow and develop. These small greenhouses also allow us to save space while gardening, and nowhere is this truer than through the use of 4 Tier Mini Greenhouses. For those that aren't familiar with a 4 Tier Mini Greenhouse, it's essentially the same as any greenhouse in that it's an enclosed structure that provides protection and insulation from the outside environment. The way it differs from other greenhouses is that it provides different levels or "tiers" where plants can be placed. Think of a bookshelf without and backing that is surrounded by glass or plastic and you have the concept of a tiered greenhouse.

While these houses are an excellent way to save space and provide your plants with the environment they need, they also provide an excellent environment for the development of pests and diseases. Pests are always after your plant as a source of food, though they can become particularly problematic in greenhouses. The reason for this is that the warmer average temperature in a greenhouse facilitates raped development. For example, an aphid that might complete its lifecycle at 10 days at normal temperature may complete it in just 6 days at a warmer average temperature. What this means essentially is that you will have multiple generations of pests infesting your plants over a shortened period of time. Obviously, this is not ideal, though there are some things you can do to avoid becoming surprised by a pest invasion.

The most obvious thing you can do to protect your plants from pests and diseases is to regularly inspect them to ensure that they are developing normally. Although you are certainly welcome to take out a spot lens or magnifying glass to inspect every last leaf and flower bud, a more practical approach involves a quick glance every time you water your plants. You should be looking for signs of insect invasion and their damage, which might include distorted foliar growth or sticky residues.

Although pests can certainly do a fair amount of damage if left unchecked, inspecting for them regularly ensures that things won't get out of hand. Even if you happen to find pests, they will be at a stage where they can be easily removed by hand or controlled with mild chemicals. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and check out your 4 tier mini greenhouses before pests can take residence.