If you've wondered how you were going to transport your pet dog or cat from city to city in a safe, comfortable manner, there now seems to be an answer. An animal lover couple has started a new airline specifically for the transportation of cats and dogs between major US cities. Pet Airways is the brain child of Alysa Binder and Dan Wiesel, who decided that their Jack Russel terrier had taken one too many trips as part of the plane's cargo. The couple created an airline specifically geared for dogs and cats to fly as passengers rather than cargo.

The reason the couple started this venture during the recession, is that they were worried about how their dog was doing during a flight, but had no way to know if it was ok or not. The couple decided it was time to take matters into their own hands and start up an airline just for pets. There's been dissenters for this idea already. Some claim that animals become stressed due to changes in their routine and unfamiliar environments. This can occur whether an animal is in a cage in the cargo or passenger area of a plane. Either way, Binder and Wiesel had no qualms about starting this personal pet airline.

The Pet Airways airline for dogs and cats features a passenger cabin full of pet carriers rather than seats. It's a 19-seater turboprop plane converted to a pet airline. The flights even include flight attendants. While they don't offer the animals their choice of beverage or snack, they do check on the animals every 15 minutes to make sure they get potty breaks. Pets are flown from city to city and then brought either to a lounge for pickup, or spend over night in a special pet lodging, so they can be picked up by owners the following day.

The cost to fly your pet one-way is about what it might cost to fly yourself one-way. Fares are as low as $149, but there are currently just 4 cities that are part of the deal: Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Denver. So you can transport your pet between those 4 locations at your discretion, until more cities jump on board. A trip from New York to Los Angeles will take approximately 24 hours, as the plane makes its stops and provides the animals fresh air and activity. Other airlines currently offer pet transport, minus the plane all to themselves, at comparable fares.