Many people suffer from all sorts of allergies these days. Grass, food and drink seem to be the most common things that cause allergic reactions in human beings but there is another one that doesn't get mentioned as much. I'm speaking, of course, about allergies due to cats and dogs. Pet allergies are a pain in the butt as well - Especially for animal lovers. How unfair is it that someone who cares so dearly for their pet has to put up with constant sneezing and itchy eye type symptoms? Luckily for us, there is an abundance of pet allergy medication available today. Some products are only available over the counter, while others can be taken right off the shelf. Before you go the medicinal route, though, you may want to consider some preventative measures you can take in hopes of avoiding your allergy symptoms.

Allergens love to breed on pets. I'm not sure why but it's definitely the case. There are basically three places that these little bugs thrive on animals - The fur, the saliva and the urine. Now the one that's most obvious is the fur. Any one with pet allergies can tell you what it's like to pet a cat and then touch their face. Said person will almost certainly be sneezing and itching their red eyes within moments. The other areas where allergens tend to breed, the urine and the saliva, are just as bad. Because of all three of these things, it's very important that you keep your home clean. You should be vacuuming your carpets and sofas regularly to ensure that there is not an abundance of fur around the house. If your cat happens to have a pee on the sofa, or your dog happens to drool on the carpet, do your best to clean the stain quickly and efficiently. Once a stain sets in, it's very difficult to kill the allergens that give us so many problems. Other preventative measures you may want to take to avoid using pet allergy medication include getting yourself a furless pet. They may be ugly, but sometimes that's the price you have to pay! The final thing I'd recommend doing would be bathing your pet on a regular basis. This is a wonderful way to keep your cat or dog allergen free.

Keeping a clean home is one of the best ways to avoid using allergy medicine.