A day of fun in the sand and water is fun for everyone including pets.  But they need protection too.  Getting a pet beach shelter is a great way to protect your dog and other pets from the heat of the sun and give them a chance to relax and rest.

Dogs love to run along the sandy shore.  You can throw them a stick and they will run down the beach or into the water (if your dog likes the water) and get lots of fresh air and exercise, but they can also tire out quite quickly, especially if they are older or the sun is hot that day.

By using a shelter, you can set up a spot just for your dog or other pets, to get a drink of water, and to relax and feel the warm breezes through the open sides that are in this tent while still hanging out with his family and feel a part of the day. 

This way they can stay near you, and don’t have to run off to find a tree to hide under.  These are great for taking on vacation or for camping trips.  They are lightweight and foldup to quite small, making them easy to tuck into the car when packing for that day trip or vacation time.

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Pop up Beach tent, beach sun shelter UV 50+
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perfect way for kids and pets to get out of the sun quickly.

Pets are members of the family, and more and more families are taking their pets on vacation with them.  There are more pet friendly motels and hotels and camp sites that are listed in tourism books now than there ever was.  There are lots of dog parks and places for your dogs to run, but by giving them a shady place to rest, they can also enjoy a day out in the sun with you.

If you are taking your dog to the beach with you, then make sure to carry lots of fresh water for them and some treats and snacks, and then set up this quick shelter so that they have a place to rest and relax after their fun in the sun, rather than trying to chase the shade under that umbrella around as the day moves on, or hiding under that picnic table to avoid the heat of the sun.  You can use this to store your packs and swimwear too. 

By using a pet shelter, they can have their very own bed.  These also work great for backyards and decks where your dog might need some temporary shelter from the sun or the wind especially if they like to sit outside with you. 

If you dog is not really that thrilled with a closed in dog house in the hot summer, you could try setting up one of these pet beach shelters in the yard to get them out of the sunlight and the heat.  They are a great portable dog house when visiting friends and relatives too.

You can get these pet beach shelters at pet supply stores and some camping supply stores, but there is a larger variety online at such sites as Amazon.  Just go shopping online and see if you can find a beach shelter that would work for your best friend and let them enjoy a day at the beach too!