Travelling With Your Small Pooch

Finding pet carriers for airplanes is important if you want to take your small pet with you the next time you travel.

If you have a small pet, weighing less than 22 pounds, then there are some airlines that let you travel with your pet as hand luggage!  But you do need to check with your airline as to what size of an “approved pet carrier” is allowed in the cabin of the aircraft.

If you are flying with your larger pet, you will have to use a sturdy travel crate that your airline approves of, that will go into the hold of the plane, but with most small pets you can take them with you in approved pet carriers for airplanes.

When deciding whether to fly with your pet aboard a plane, you have to consider the personality of your small pet.  Does he hate travel?  If so, you may need to consider some sedation or another means of getting your dog to your destination.  Does he bark a lot?  This is not going to be good on a ride with other passengers.

You may be used to the whining and barking but passengers who are expecting a quiet trip on the airline may not be too impressed.  It is hard enough listening to screaming children on some flights without hearing a dog whine and barking even if he is little.

So, you know how your pet reacts, if he is used to flying then make sure you have an approved airline pet carrier.  Also make sure you measure your pet properly before purchasing such a carrier.  Many state they are for pets 22 pounds and less, but if you have a long pet, he may not fit in here even if he is under the 22 pound restriction.

These approved carriers are also great for travelling by car as well.  Many pets feel better if they have their own enclosure.  But if you are considering travelling with any pet, you should schedule a full check-up with your veterinarian and mention the travelling and possibly get some sedation medication if you have a nervous dog. 

Do this well in advance of any travel, so that you can experiment with the sedation to see how your dog reacts before you travel.  Some dogs do not do well with sedation, I know my dog threw up the entire time, so if you get a check-up early, and then do a trial run with any sedation under your veterinarians care, then you can see well in advance of any trip how he wpet carriers for airplanesill do. 

If he just sleeps, then this will be great for you, him and the other passengers around you!  Many of these pet carriers for airplanes are designed to fit under the seat snuggly. Sherpa Orginal Deluxe Large Navy Pet Cat Dog Carrier Airline Approved 20"l X 11.5"h X 11.75"w Max Weight 22lbs

If you have a favourite airline, and have decided to take your small dog with you on that next trip, phone them and ask them what their policies are on small pets travelling in the cabin with you, and also what paperwork you need to travel with your pet.  You may need extra shots and have to carry all his vaccine information when travelling by air.  Make sure you have a water bottle (you can usually purchase water once you are in the secure area after going through inspections) or purchase water on the airline.  

As soon as you get off at the other end and through inspection, let him out right away to relieve himself.  If you have given him sedation, it may take a while for it to wear off. 

Travelling with pets is getting easier and easier, especially for small pets, so getting approved pet carriers for airplanes is just one way it gets easier to travel.  But there are also other options such as the doggy hotels that are opening up.  These might be a better place for your dog to go when you go on vacation.  Also see screened gazebos for cats for backyard play time.