Pet fountains are becoming a popular accessory to bring into your dog or cat's life, and with good reason. There's no disputing the benefits to a pet's physical condition that come with a supply of moving clean water. An added benefit is that while you are creating a healthier pet, you will be also making your own life simpler, and there's definitely nothing wrong with that!

Many people just think it is publicity by the companies that make the product once they are told all about the great benefits that come with a pet fountain. But one thing different in this case the pitch really is true. In the wild, animals generally don't drink from water that is not moving. They want moving water because their instincts tell them that moving water is probably cleaner and fresher to drink. In addition they find a source of moving water more fascinating than standing water. It has been proven over and over that if a pet is allowed to drink from a fountain, that pet will take in more water and be better hydrated. The effect of that on their general wellbeing can't be over estimated.

Kidney and urinary tract problems are extremely common in pets, especially cats. The biggest reason these health issues happen is simply not drinking enough water. This is something to keep in mind as you are looking for a cat water fountain. It really is as simple as finding a way to get your pet to take in more water and he will automatically be healthier.

There are a lot of options in fountains for sale nowadays, so it may take just a little bit of research to know the right fountain for your pet. The best way to approach your decision is to first narrow down your choices to two or three, then research these further. A number of veterinarians recommend cat owners to stay away from plastic accessories because bacteria can grow on plastic easier than competing materials. As an alternative, consider one of the stainless steel or ceramic fountains that are available.

Most pet fountains function in the same manner. A small pump circulates the water through a filter and out of the fountain. Nearly all pet fountains use a charcoal filtration system designed to remove impurities as well as bad taste out of the water as the water is circulated throughout the fountain. Depending on who makes the fountain you are looking at, the water might come out similar to a drinking fountain, or it might feature water running down a sphere and into the main bowl. Every manufacturer has their own special look when it comes to just how the water moves through and leaves the fountain.

If you plan to place the pet water fountain in the bedroom or else another low traffic area, you can choose almost any pet water fountain out there. But if your fountain is going to be in a more prominent location such as the cooking area or dining area, you might want to look for some of the better looking, more stylish fountains. Take a look at the ceramic fountains, as well as the choices in stainless steel, because they are by far the best looking of all.

The Contech Water Dog Automatic Pet Fountain is specifically made for those pets who have to stay outdoors for extended periods of time. While most pet fountains plug into the wall, the Water Dog is battery powered so you don't have to worry about your pet having water available if you are not home and the power goes out.