Pet Friendly Lodges in California

Hiking with your Dog

When you take the family on a road trip through sunny California, you won't have to leave Fido at home. There are many pet friendly hotels, cabins, and lodges for you to bring the family pet along for the trip. However, there is one that stands out amongst the many others, and that place is Big Bear Cabins California.

Big Bear Cabins is located in the San Bernadino Mountains, within the lush San Bernadino National Forrest. For those Los Angeles city slickers, this is a scenic drive to get out of the city and into the fresh mountain air.

There are 5 types of cottages available for rental, all with unique features and views. As well as cottages, there are also two different types of homes to give you the experience of living in the forest, with all the creature comforts of the house.

Golden Retriever Bath

The benefits of a pet friendly lodge is that your pets can walk leash-free on the hiking trails, and also socialize with other guest's pets. Leaving your pet by itself at home while you are on vacation is a hard thing to do, your animals get depressed and lonely, and this vacation could last a while! So instead of paying someone to look after your animals, why not bring the animals with you? Give your furry, four-legged friend a vacation as well, and check out Big Bear Cabins in California. It is one of the top tourist destinations, especially for people that live in the big cities.

Even if you're looking for a romantic getaway - this is a perfect place to visit (even without a dog). There are romantic packages available, so all the hard work is already done for you.

Big Bear Cabins could be your perfect California vacation.

You can make reservations online, and it's pretty easy. It's also really easy to find, so make sure the next time you are on vacation in California, skip the hotels and go straight to the pet-friendly accommodation.

Big Bear Cabins California