If you are considering a home renovation it is not enough to keep in mind the habits and needs of the human residents of the house. The four legged members of the family have also very special requirements that will affect your choices, particularly in terms of flooring. If you don’t want your newly installed floors to look old and tired in a matter of weeks it’s time to look at pet friendly flooring suitable for your mascots.

Vinyl Tiles

Adhesive vinyl tiles are resistant to moisture and can be cleaned easily, or replaced when damaged, which makes them a great pet friendly flooring option for those who like the look of laminated wood or natural stone but are afraid of the costs. Vinyl also absorbs noise pretty well, so if you are worried about your downstairs neighbours complaining about the tick-tick-tick of your pet claws vinyl is as good an option as carpet, just much easier to maintain and clean. If you or anybody else in your family suffer from allergies, you’ll love to know that vinyl makes a great allergy friendly flooring.


If you love the feeling of natural wood under your feet, but are worried about your dog scratching it then you should take a look at floors made of bamboo. Bamboo plants are not trees, as the plant is actually more like oversized grass than a tree, but their wood offers excellent results due to its ability to endure scratches and the occasional peeing accident without losing shine or getting stained. Bamboo is also easy to grow and as such bamboo floors are considered a form of eco friendly hardwood flooring.

Wool Carpet Tiles

Unlike traditional carpets, you can replace wool carpet tiles easily when soiled or you can even pull them up and wash them under cool water. Cat pee stains can be treated with enzymatic cleaning products specially designed for this sort of stains, such as Nature’s Miracle. If your pet has the habit of destroying carpets by scratching them you should consider this type of tile as you can replace the damaged areas without having to pull up the entire room. However, it is always a better idea to just encourage your pet to scratch somewhere else by buying her a scratching pole.

Rugs and Other Floor Coverings

If none of the dog friendly flooring options above is right for you, another great alternative is to use rugs and other floor coverings to minimize the damage your pet can cause to the floor. Most animals will also appreciate rugs that make the floor less slippery, as some dogs have severe issues walking on highly polished surfaces (cats like them just as little, but they tend to just climb on your bookcases instead of crossing the room running to greet you).

It is important that your choice of flooring is compatible with your much loved pets, both for their comfort and for yours. Pet friendly flooring options such as bamboo, vinyl tiles and tiled carpet can help you create the desired decorative effect at a relatively low price. Hardwood, ceramics and natural stone can also be used depending on their finish but tend to be more expensive.