Pet Gates and Play Areas

Pet owners, especially ones who keep their pets indoors, sometimes Pet Gateneed to confine their animals to a certain place for safety or convenience reasons. By using a pet gate, you can close off certain areas of your home to your pet so they can't make a mess or jump on visitors. These gates are specifically designed for containing pets and are completely safe. They work using expanding panels which press themselves onto the sides of a door opening or hallway. A similar product is called a pet play pen, which is great for holding puppies. As you know, puppies can make a big mess, which is why a play area can be so useful. It can be set up on tile or concrete to make clean up a whole lot easier. Here are a couple high quality products to consider.

Evenflo Pressure Mounted Gate

As explained above, most pet gates use pressure to attach themselves within a hallway. This eliminates the need for complicated installation procedures involving hardware. The Evenflow gate is childproof, yet can be opened by an adult with one hand. The specially designed one-handed release handle makes this possible. To ensure that the gate is locked securely, a red/green indicator display tells users whether it is locked or open. The fact that the gate doesn't need to be detached when you want to pass through sets this gate apart from the rest. While attached, the gate can be swing open in both directions, letting users and pets through without the need for detachment. Using a gentle pushing motion, the gate can easily be depressurized and moved to a new location.

Carlson Mini Gate With Pet Door

Ideal for smaller pets and puppies, The Carlson mini gate can expand from 29 to 32 inches in width. As a bonus, the gate comes with a 6 inche extension piece to make it even wider. The great thing about this gate is that it has a small door for pets to pass through. Toy breeds and puppies will find it quite easy and fun to pass through the 10 by 9 inch wide door. The gate is extremely sturdy being that it's made from coated steel. At 18 inches high, it is very easy for pet owners to step over, yet tall enough to contain small animals. The system is pressure mounted to a small to wide hallway and can be expanded as needed.

Midwest E-coat Exercise Pen

The Midwest E-Coat play pen is an all-metal containment solution. Pets will have a blast playing together within the confines of the pen. Toys, food and water can be placed inside to keep them occupied for a long while. It's practically ready to be used out of the box, with no tools needed for installation. Eight panels make up the structure which can be rotated and reshaped as needed. Ground stakes are included for set-up in the grass to keep your pets from moving or toppling the gate.

Patton specializes in pet products which make animal's lives better. With so many helpful tools out there, pet owners should have no trouble keeping their pets healthy. Using dog clippers regularly is just one helpful tip.