Making Your Pet Healthier

Everyone always wants to know what the best pet grooming tips and tricks are. Well, there is only one tool that has made my grooming days easier. That is the FURminator pet grooming brush. I know you are probably giggling at the name right now, picturing Arnold Schwarzenegger walking around deshedding dogs and cats, but that is far from the truth.

Pet Grooming Tips and Tricks: What is the FURminator

The FURminator is the best deshedding tool that groomers or pet owners can have. It has a sleek design giving you a comfortable grip while you are combing your animal’s coat. Its patented grooming head comes in three sizes, small medium and large depending on the size of your animal and their fur length. Once you select the size brush for your pet, it easily takes the dead and loose fur from the topcoat of your animal and brushes it out. This doesn’t sound like much, but while it is doing the obvious, it is actually penetrating to the undercoat and de-shedding your dog or cat there. This is why the FURminator is getting rave reviews.FURminator for Large AnimalsIt is pulling out up to 90% of fur that is either about to shed on the floor or has just started to die and work its way to the top of your pet’s fur.

While it is deshedding the fur from your pet, it is also pulling out the dander that has built up on your pet. Just imagine suffering from less allergies because you didn’t have to fight with the dander that you pet gave off. It would make having animal allergic friends over easier and it would also calm down your allergy attacks as well.

Pet Grooming Tips and Tricks: Using The FURminator

Before you go ripping open the package and brushing your pet like crazy, you need to look over what you need to do before using the FURminator deshedding tool.

Make sure that their coat is free of any kind of tangles. If there are tangles, then detangle them first or you will end up ripping out some of their fur, which wouldn’t feel good.Using the FURminator

Your animals coat should be clean and dry. Make sure it is not wet or dirty or else it will not work as effectively on your cat or dog.

Make sure that there are no open wounds or sores before you start brushing them. Do not use the FURminator on your animal in that area, as it will only irritate the sore of cut more decreasing the chance of healing properly.

After you have inspected your animal and deem them healthy enough to start the deshedding process, then move the brush through their hair. Comb all over the bodies pulling out the excess hair. You will know when you are done, because there will be almost no or very little fur showing up in the brushes teeth. By now you should be amazed at the amount of extra hair lying on the floor next to you. The most magnificent part of this process is that you only have to do this about every 4 weeks. This will help keep your animal’s coat nice and healthy, along with other benefits of reduced hairballs for cats and kittens.

Pet Grooming Tips and Tricks: Getting your pet to enjoy the FURminatorFURminator Dog

Most cats and dogs will take right away to the soothing feeling that the brush gives their body, but some might be apprehensive at first. I suggest keeping some treats around so that when it is time to use the deshedding tool, they will start to associate it with a treat making them more than eager to get brushed.

Those are the only pet grooming tips and tricks that I have for the FURminator deshedding tool for now. Just remember that it is making your pet’s life healthier and yours as well.