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I'm going to start by telling you that living out in the woods is not what it is cracked up to be. I move on to a 5 ac piece of land that borders the Forest Service land, it makes it as if I have a very large back yard. My nearest neighbor is 1/2 of a mile away, and one way we use to communicate is by shot gun, shot gun you may ask? When my neighbor is not by his phone and I need to talk with him I can fire my shotgun in a safe direction and he will call me with-in the minute, we do not have any power line so the neighbors and I use solar panels to charge our battery banks, and in the winter months we use generators for back up. I live 15 miles from the closest small town (approximately 2,000 people) and that's where we get our mail, no delivery out here, then once a week we go to a bigger town that is 50 miles away to get our groceries, and of course if we need to pick stuff up for the neighbors as they would do the same for us if they are running in to town,. Well one time when we had to do our weekly shopping our dogs decided to follow us, and we did not realize that they did, till we got home a realized they were not here. At the time I was working on a project to keep my firewood sheltered for the winter so we would not have to dig our wood out of the snow, and left to town again with my wife, and my daughter stayed home to work on her school projects. When we got home the dogs were back, and I asked my daughters around what time did the dogs come home? She then told me that some people brought them home, and that they drove from house to house to find the owners, I did not get too meet these fine people but understood that they lived around 7 miles away from here, so if your are the people who brought home my dogs thank you so very much! This incident was very embarrassing to me as these fine people took their time and money to reunite my dogs with us, so I swore I would find away to try to prevent this from happening again,. It is difficult to chain my dogs up, especially living out in the woods, because we have a lot of wild animal and tying them up is just let using them for bait, plus I heard that tying them up could make them mean, and make it more difficult for the to protect the property. So I decide to do the next best thing, if I can't stop them from following us, we could at least find away for some one to contact us if they find our dogs, so we can pick them up. I remember when two beautiful German Sheppard showed up here, they were very tired and hungry so we watered and fed them, and as they were eating I notice the dog identification tags they had on their collar, it had the phone number of their Veterinarian on it and because it was working hours I was able to call them and found out the name of the dogs and the name of the owner and his phone number, so I called him and found out he lives ten miles away from here, well he came and got his dogs and I told him if it was not for the dog collar tags I would of never find him unless I would have gone from door to door, and that's when I decided that I should get some pet identification tags for my dogs, but instead of just having the Veterinarians contact information, I could just as easily have personalized dog tags with my phone number on them so if my Veterinarian is not available they can still call me to allow me to pick up my dogs. On my next trip to do my weekly shopping my wife and I stopped in our local national chain store that had a machine that would engrave pet identification tags for you, but it was out of order, so I asked one of the clerks if they would know when the machine would be fixed, he told me that the machine was owned by a 3rd party and that they have been notified that their machine was not operating, so I would have to wait for my next trip to town. Well we were lucky enough that our dogs did not try to follow us (this time), so I started looking for other places to get our unique pet id tags, and found a place on the internet that could make our Id tags for a very reasonable price and was able to ship them off quickly, it was a good thing too because it took the third party machine owners over a month to fix their machine and then their selection was minimal. So now I will tell you where to get your pet id tags, click on any of the links in this and it will take you them, but I would also like to thank for supplying me with the method to prevent another embarrassing moment, by keeping my dogs and cats safe and the sense of security I feel now, knowing that if my pets take off again that the people who find them can call me, so I can arrange to reunite with my pets.

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