Losing a beloved pet can be a very heart wrenching experience, as many of these pets are considered family members. They have been a part of the family for a long time, and the shock and sadness of losing them can be hard to bear. A pet memorial can help with the grieving process.

Having to discuss arrangements and what to do with your veterinarian can be difficult, and therefore it is better if you have someone with you. Whether your pet lived a full long life and died of natural causes or became ill and you were forced to make a decision out of love for your pet, it is very hard to bear. Having a pet memorial of some kind is one way to help, especially with the grieving process.Toby cat

There are different ways to acknowledge your pet. If you choose cremation, you can purchase or make yourself pet memorial urns to hold their ashes. Or if you choose to bury your pet, you can purchase or make pet memorial head stones too. By having a pet memorial of some kind with your beloved pet's name on it, and a special poem, helps to remember them and the special time you had together. You can even create a pet memorial stone to place in the garden, or wear your pet loved to romp around in the yard.

You want everyone to remember your pet, and by creating a pet head stone, or cremation urn, or a special poem to celebrate the life of your pet, will give you something to reflect on. Having a nice framed picture of your pet among your family pictures is also a good way to keep their memory alive, and reflect on the good times.

Remember, even if you are not a pet owner, to consider the feelings of a co-worker or friend that has lost a pet. "A Broken Heart is a broken heart" A sympathy card (many card shops carry sympathy cards for the death of a pet) can go a long way to help. It can be very difficult for a friend or co-worker to just "get on with life" when they were very close to their pet. This can be hard for a "non pet owner" to understand. But if they are your friend, or co-worker, please consider their feelings and at least acknowledge their loss with a "I am sorry".

There is now a National Pet Memorial Day, that is celebrated on the second Sunday of September, and this makes a good day to remember your pet and if you do not own a pet, but you have a co-worker or friend who has lost a pet, you could consider giving a donation to your local animal shelter in their name.

If you are considering purchasing a pet memorial for your beloved pet or for a friend's loss of a pet, and you are not sure where to get them, there are some online places you can consider.

Pet Memorial Stone

Petmemorial.net is a great place for a pet memorial stone. This type of pet stone can be placed on the pets grave or in the garden as a reminder of a beloved pet, this particular company delivers in a week (within USA) and they use natural Pennsylvania bluestone to sand carve the pet memorial stone.

Pet Memorial Gift

If you would like to consider a gift for a friend or relative who is grieving with the loss of their pet, there is a site called Furryangel.com that sells tribute candles for the death of a pet with a poem inside.

Pet Memorial Urn

If you are looking for personalized pet urns, peternity.com is another good place to check out online.

Your local veterinarian can also guide you to places locally that would have pet memorial items.

Pet memorial jewelry

This is also a great way to help with healing by wearing a charm or piece of jewelry that is personalized for your pet. petmemorialjewlery.com does just this. You can also get pet memorial jewelry that can hold a piece of their fur forever, or some of their ashes, or simply have a poem or tribute to your pet.

Children especially need to be able to say goodbye to their special friend, and their sadness should not be minimized. By creating a pet memorial of some kind can help to remember the pet and gives you and family members a way to reflect on the good life your pet had with you.

We have framed pictures on the walls of pets we have had in our lives right along side family member pictures. We reflect and laugh at the good times we had with each of these pets. When my kids were younger, they needed to see these pictures on the wall, and looked at family photo albums that contained pictures of the pets often.

A pet memorial is a good way to remember your beloved family member, your pet.