Pet Money: When Your Pet Can Earn a Living

Wouldn’t you just love to put your pet to work and live of the proceeds. That will be like getting your pet dog, cat etc, to pay rent and shell out for its food. Pet money is about getting return for your invested time and love. So how will you go about getting pet money?

Pet blogging or pet blogger:

The internet has made things a lot easier and you will be amazed at the number of people slaving away for their pets. If the celebrity culture is something to go by, you would have noticed how much they spend on their pet dogs, cats and sometimes pigs. If you dog can do tricks, you can write about it and add a video about it. If you really want to get enough pet money from that, you can also explain how you taught your dog how to do the trick. That will definitely bring traffic to your site. People like to think their dogs or cats are intelligent and that it is because they are intelligent. If you can make that happen then, you will be on your way to getting your pet to pay for his keep.

Pet money: Cooking for your pet dog or cat

A lot of commercial pet foods are marketed as the best way to feed your pet. If you can do better by cooking for your dog or cat and your dog loves it, you can share your recipes with others. If you want to convince them, you can do a cooking video and go through the process showing how you did it and the ingredients used. Not all dogs and cats love those little hoops called pet food. The more success you can share with your readers the more they will come back for more. That said, you don’t have to do something spectacular like a 3 course meal with a glass of wine just to please your dog.

Pet money: Depressed pet

If your dear friend is depressed, you might be worried and have to pay a visit to the vet. You can document this and show how your pet overcame depression. As strange as it might sounds, animals have feelings too and when others in the same situation can read about it, it will help you pet money initiative (monetization).

Cute pet contest

At times you might want to participate in contests for pets because of the pride of winning or just for the sake of it. That said, very few people actually participates in pet contests just because they are bored. These contests can be time consuming and financially uninteresting. It doesn’t mean you should not enter any of these competitions. You just need to know that most winners breed pedigrees and if that is not the case for your dog, you don’t stand a chance. Cutest pet contests are very subjective. If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your house, you can enter photo pet contests. At least you can get your dog to take a pose and fine-tune its top model skills until you get a satisfactory result.

Finally, getting your pet dog, cat, husband etc, to pay for its existence in your home can be fun.