Having insurance for a pet rabbit is just as important as it is for a dog or cat. The first day that a bunny comes home it may not occur to anyone that taking a rabbit to the veterinarian is a necessary task. All new pets should get a first visit to the vet as soon as possible to ensure that they have no health problems.

Once that first visit is concluded it is time to shop around for pet insurance. Not all insurance companies will cover a pet rabbit but there are those that will. Many insurance companies consider rabbits to be an exotic pet. An exotic pet is pretty much anything except dogs and cats.

It is important that the company that you choose cover emergency treatment, surgery, minor and major treatments, fees for blood work, x-rays, and prescriptions. Preventative care is also important. Just having coverage for emergencies is usually not enough.

When doing research make sure that rabbit spay/neuter is included as minor treatment, major treatment, or surgery. Rabbits are much healthier if they are spayed or neutered.

If you have other pets currently insured ask if you can get a discount for your exotic bunny some companies offer discounts if they cover multiple pets for the same family.

Veterinary care can be quite expensive. If an unfortunate accident should befall Floppy the flappy-eared bunny it is best if it can be taken care of easily and without too much strain on the family budget. Planning this stuff out before the hypothetical accident occurs will take the surprises out of it.

The average pet rabbit can get to be 7-10 years old. In that time there will be times that a pet owner will get concerned about the rabbit. It'll eat something it shouldn't, tangle with the family cat, or catch the rabbit equivalent of a cold and it will need to visit the vet and pet rabbit insurance will ease the way and ease the mind of the owner.